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Remembering Coco, 2007-2016

Today has been such a tough day as we had to say goodbye to our Coco. She'd been in and out of the vet clinic and specialty vet hospital since June and passed away today from pancreatic cancer. We are … [Read More...]

#PawPromise Adoptable Cat of the Week: Calista

Hello there! I'm Calista. I looked my name up once in a guide to naming your baby and it said that Calista means "most beautiful." Not to sound vain or anything, but whoever chose my name knew what … [Read More...]

We’ve Got a Big Announcement!

Eight years ago on Sunday, we shifted from travel to pet writing as we adopted our dog Tiki and launched DogTipper. Although we've continued to do freelance in the travel field, including online, … [Read More...]

Win a Samsung SmartCam HD Plus! #SmartCamTipper

Whether your schedule has changed as everyone in your home returns to school and work or you're headed off for a vacation and leaving your cat at home in the care of a cat sitter, nothing is as … [Read More...]

Fido + Fluffy’s #FreebieFriday Prepares for an Anniversary!

In just a few days, we'll celebrate the eighth anniversary of our transition from travel to pet writing. As with any good celebrations, we've got a lot of fun planned: two BIG giveaways an … [Read More...]

Simon’s Cat Explains Feeding Time

Offering pet parents food for thought, Simon's Cat creator Simon Tofield has teamed up with Cats Protection's feline behavior expert Nicky Trevorrow to explain the meal time mannerisms of our pals who … [Read More...]

Win a Cool Cat Bag!

PawZaar's Cool Cat Bag proclaims your love of all things feline in a heavier weight fabric that's perfect for transitioning into the fall months. Fully lined, each features a zippered top, gusseted … [Read More...]

#PawPromise Adoptable Cat of the Week: Xavier

Hello! I'm Xavier. Did you know that my name means "new house"? I think that's an appropriate moniker for a cat who is house hunting for his forever home! What does my dream home look like? It … [Read More...]