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Fabulous Felines Exhibition Showcases Cat-Themed Postcards

A love letter to our purring pals from the past, an exhibition of an Edwardian illustrator's cat-themed postcards is something to write home about! An artist who rendered kitties in both the … [Read More...]

13 Items You Need to Leave Your Cat Sitter

It may seem like a long time until spring break and summer where you live, but with warm weather just weeks away, popular pet sitters are going to soon be booked. If your spring getaway doesn’t … [Read More...]

Lucky and Ochi check out molly mutt! #giveaway

Today we've been photographing a new molly mutt dog duvet like the one we're giving away over on DogTipper. Lucky and Ochi have decided that, in spite of its name, this is definitely a CAT … [Read More...]

Meet adoptable Oliver Twist! Your purchases sponsored his kennel!

Earlier this week, we told you that Gengar, the occupant of the PawZaar kennel at the Animal Defense League of Texas, has been adopted! (He quickly followed the very first kennel occupant: Darius, who … [Read More...]

Win Cats Incredible Litter from Lucy Pet Products (5 winners!)

We've told you about the 10 reasons we love Cats Incredible litter -- but now we'd like to give YOU the chance to try this litter in your own home! Cats Incredible litter is, well, downright … [Read More...]

Fido + Fluffy’s Freebie Friday Celebrates Birthdays

It's hard to believe that it's been THREE years since we adopted Lucky on Valentine's Day at Austin Pets Alive! He has become such a central part of our family, and it feels like he's been with us … [Read More...]

Gengar Has Been Adopted!

We are SO excited to announce that Gengar, the cat in the PawZaar kennel at San Antonio's Animal Defense League, was adopted on Valentine's Day!! The Animal Defense League shared that the couple … [Read More...]

Meet Ricky the Rescue!

A cat who has made the leap from shelter to stardom, Lucy Pet Products' Ricky the Rescue Cat is a kitty who is using his fame to both entertain his fans and help his fellow four-legged friends.  Ricky … [Read More...]