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Win Your Choice of Prizes from PawZaar’s Cat Collection!

We've got a new PawZaar giveaway -- and YOU can pick the prize! The winner will be able to select any prize from the PawZaar Cat Collection which includes jewelry, handmade cat-themed … [Read More...]


Jackson Galaxy to Attend Puttin’ On the Leash Fundraiser

Helping our furry friends who need forever families, everyone's favorite Cat Daddy-- Jackson Galaxy from the popular Animal Planet series My Cat from Hell-- will head to Boulder, Colorado in April to … [Read More...]


If Pets Had Thumbs Day March 3rd

Perhaps the kookiest cat and dog holiday on the calendar, March 3rd has been set aside as a day to ponder the possibilities for our purring pals and barking buddies if they possessed prehensile … [Read More...]


What’s New: GPS Units for Cats

If you follow us over on our DogTipper site, you'll know that our dogs both wear GPS units on their collars. The units give us peace of mind in case they should ever get out of our yard without us or … [Read More...]


#WordlessWednesday: Looking for Sunshine

OK, I know that by many standards, we are not having cold weather. But for US, it has been cold with the threat of ice and sleet on several days with more to come. Of course, our cats are indoors all … [Read More...]


#FreeShipping on PawZaar Through Feb. 28

To celebrate the first month of our new PawZaar store, we're offering free shipping through Feb. 28! You can shop for products like our "All My Children Have Paws" 18-inch necklace, a Fair Trade … [Read More...]


Win a Lilly Brush!

As all cat lovers know, fur is just a fact of life, finding its way onto our clothing. We may think we've removed it...but get out in public, look down, and, sure enough, you'll see some more … [Read More...]


Homeward Bound Star wins Top Cat of All Time Award

The Oscars may be a celebration of Hollywood's top dogs, but canines, cats and other animal actors also have a chance to lap up the limelight each year when the American Humane Association unleashes … [Read More...]