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Save a Kitten at OakCatVidFest Takes Place May 10th

A clowder of 6,000 fans of flicks and felines will soon gather for a cinematic celebration of our purring pals and help a paws cause in the process at the second annual Save a Kitten at … [Read More...]


Adoptable Cat of the Day: Aspen in Maryland

Along with her sister, Ashley, Aspen was thought to be feral. However, thanks to some socialization and TLC by the Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County in Gaithersburg, MD where they are now … [Read More...]


Adoptable Cat of the Day: Georgios in Kansas

This beautiful guy is Georgios, a senior Domestic Shorthair who was rescued from a hoarding situation. Currently, he is in the care of The Humane Society of Greater Kansas City (HSGKC) in Kansas City, … [Read More...]


Win a Cat Fancy (or Dog Fancy) Subscription!

If you tried to get on CatTipper OR DogTipper.com on Wednesday, you know that the sites were down for much of the day :( Hostgator experienced a major problem at their Provo datacenters, and many … [Read More...]


Adoptable Cat of the Day: KoKo in Utah

KoKo is an adult male Siamese/Tonkinese mix who is under the care of Paws for Life in Heber City, UT. KoKo is very sweet and loving and he loves getting petted and curling up in someone's lap. He is … [Read More...]


New Season of My Cat from Hell Begins April 26th

A virtual clowder of cat lovers will gather around their television sets on April 26th when Animal Planet unleashes the new season of My Cat from Hell. As his method of mellowing out fractious … [Read More...]


Adoptable Cat of the Day: Moo Moo in New Jersey

This young black and white Domestic Shorthair is Moo Moo who is currently in the care of Pet Rescue of Mercer in Hamilton, NJ. This boy loves to play with his toys and with the other cats and he gets … [Read More...]


Why Don’t Cats Visit the Vet? (Infographic)

We all know that, in many cases, it's not easy to take cats to the veterinarian's office. Ours do NOT like to visit the vet's office (and then there's Lucky, who wants to see everyone at the office … [Read More...]