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What’s New

Birds Need Grain – Cats Do Not

Rachael Ray Nutrish has sponsored this post, but all opinions are my own. Every morning, John puts a big scoop of seeds in the bird feeder right outside our catio. Lucky races to the catio to watch … [Read More...]

#PawPromise Adoptable Cat of the Week: Leonora

Hello! I'm Leonora. My name, which means "light" describes my personality purrfectly, because I'm all sweetness and light! As a purring machine who loves to give love, I'm a very special kitty who … [Read More...]

Visiting a Cat Friendly Practice

Last week, Coco headed to the veterinarian. We use a Cat Friendly Practice, which means it's a part of the Cat Friendly Practice┬« program run by the American Association of Feline Practitioners. (Our … [Read More...]

Stars to Help ‘Clear the Shelters’ at Rancho Cucamonga

Hoping to land a starring role in the lives of forever pet parents, cats, dogs, puppies and kittens at a Southern California animal shelter will get some help from stars of the big and small screen on … [Read More...]

Fido + Fluffy’s #FreebieFriday Shoots Holiday Photos

One thing I learned from years of magazine assignments was to plan ahead. In today's online age, it's easy to publish a post in response to the day's events. In the print world, though, those articles … [Read More...]

Wordless Wednesday: Buddies

As you know, we're a happy household of both cats and dogs. Inca, Lucky and Coco are buddies with Irie and Tiki, cuddling up on the couch, sharing pet beds, and, in Inca's case, even grooming our … [Read More...]

Morgan’s Cat Cafe Opens in New York

Already home to three cat cafes in the The Big Apple (Koneko, Meow Parlour and Little Lions), the state of New York recently welcomed the arrival of the first facility in Hudson Valley that combines … [Read More...]

Boarding Your Cat: Tips from a Veterinarian

Vacation season is in full swing right now. While this summer our travels are limited to day trips, I know that many of you will be hitting the road for some extended exploring. When we travel, my dad … [Read More...]