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Our Big Announcement:! #GIVEAWAY

Happy Valentine's Day--and happy one-year Gotcha Day to our Lucky! A year ago today, we adopted Lucky at Austin Pets Alive, and now it seems like he has been a part of our family forever! Today is … [Read More...]


What’s New: GPS Units for Cats

If you follow us over on our DogTipper site, you'll know that our dogs both wear GPS units on their collars. The units give us peace of mind in case they should ever get out of our yard without us or … [Read More...]


#WordlessWednesday: Looking for Sunshine

OK, I know that by many standards, we are not having cold weather. But for US, it has been cold with the threat of ice and sleet on several days with more to come. Of course, our cats are indoors all … [Read More...]


#FreeShipping on PawZaar Through Feb. 28

To celebrate the first month of our new PawZaar store, we're offering free shipping through Feb. 28! You can shop for products like our "All My Children Have Paws" 18-inch necklace, a Fair Trade … [Read More...]


Win a Lilly Brush!

As all cat lovers know, fur is just a fact of life, finding its way onto our clothing. We may think we've removed it...but get out in public, look down, and, sure enough, you'll see some more … [Read More...]


Homeward Bound Star wins Top Cat of All Time Award

The Oscars may be a celebration of Hollywood's top dogs, but canines, cats and other animal actors also have a chance to lap up the limelight each year when the American Humane Association unleashes … [Read More...]


PawZaar’s Guatemalan Catnip Mice

This has been a busy week for little Lucky; yesterday he was hard at work reviewing the Guatemalan Catty Sacks toys and today he's checking out PawZaar's Guatemalan Catnip Mice! The mice (sold by … [Read More...]


PawZaar’s Guatemalan Catnip Catty Sack Toys

Today we've been shooting photos for a new product in our PawZaar store: pairs of Guatemalan Catty Sack toys! Like tiny versions of the popular Hacky Sack toys, these crocheted creations are … [Read More...]

KittenSummerGames image-2

Hallmark Channel Announces Kitten Summer Games

In August 2016 sports fans will gather around their television sets to watch athletes from around the globe compete for gold at the XXXI Olympiad in Rio de Janeiro, and fans of felines will cluster in … [Read More...]