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Wrapping up the Freshpet #FridgeChallenge

Today marks the end of our seven-day #FridgeChallenge, the challenge put forth by Freshpet to bloggers to live without the refrigerator for seven days. (Pets were exempt from the challenge but we weren’t allowed to use the refrigerator for our own items.) How did it go? Well, let’s just say we are VERY glad it […]

Day Three: How You Can Win in the Freshpet #FridgeChallenge

This week we’ve been telling you about the Freshpet #FridgeChallenge we’re taking, attempting to do without refrigeration for seven days. The challenge is hosted by Freshpet, the only company making fresh, refrigerated pet food made in the U.S.A. This challenge is held in honor of October’s National Pet Obesity Month. Freshpet is inviting pet parents […]

Day Six: #FridgeChallenge

Sigh…tomorrow is the LAST day in the Freshpet #FridgeChallenge. It has been more difficult than we thought it would be but the end is in sight. Tomorrow I’ll be posting a video about our experience with insights into how it impacted our lives to live without a refrigerator…and what it must be like for our […]

Day Five: #FridgeChallenge

Yesterday, we shared 10 things we miss about our refrigerator as we’re taking the Freshpet #FridgeChallenge. They were annoyances and irritants but I know that, in a few days, we’ll be able to once again open those magical doors on the frosted world that awaits inside the refrigerator. In the meantime, however, I have gained […]

Day Four: 10 Things We Miss About Our Refrigerator! #FridgeChallenge

OK, we’ve been taking the Freshpet #FridgeChallenge for a few days now. It has been difficult. It’s not a hardship like many people face day in and day out in many countries around the world–after all, we know we’ll be back in that fridge next Sunday–but, nonetheless, it has been tough. Here’s a rundown of […]

Day Two: Shopping for the #FridgeChallenge

We don’t talk about it very often, but John and I don’t eat flour or sugar. We feel much better eating a diet that’s fairly low in carbohydrates. Instead of bread or (my downfall) chips, we eat salads, meat, cheese, eggs, and veggies. Instead of cookie and cake desserts (ahem, another downfall), we eat a […]

Day One: We’re Taking the #FridgeChallenge

As many of our regular readers know, besides being pet writers, for 20 years John and I have been travel writers. For our guidebook and magazine assignments, we’ve been lucky enough to travel to some pretty great places–from Borneo to Brazil, Jordan to Jamaica. Some remote areas meant restricted utilities, not in our hotels or […]