How Kitties Can Help Feed Doggies

Today we have a special guest post from Inca, our tiny black cat.

As some of you know, our parents headed off this weekend to Washington, DC to attend BlogPaws. We stayed here with our grandfather (hey, why would I want to leave my new catio?) but my flat pet self attended BlogPaws to hopefully bring some more awareness to all the beautiful black cats like me in shelters.

At BlogPaws, my parents were also working to help bring attention to the Pedigree Foundation “Write a Post, Help a Dog” initiative. Pedigree is donating 20 pounds of dog food to animal shelters that were hit by Hurricane Irene for every blog post written by September 3!

OK, I know you’re wondering why a cat like me would be worried helping out on this #dogsrule campaign (because, let’s face it, we all know cats rule, right?)

Here’s why: if those shelters can get Pedigree food to help feed the doggies, that means more money left in the budget for the kitties! (See, I told you cats rule!)

I don’t know if all of  you fellow cats have been around dogs but, let me tell you, those dogs can EAT! My two doggie sisters, Tiki and Irie, must eat ten times as much as I do. I’m not saying my sisters don’t have good figures because they do (OK, I think Irie could stand to lose a few pounds) but they just eat a lot of food! Those shelters are all watching the budget these days, even more than they were when my parents adopted me from the shelter. Let’s help the dogs get some free food to help everyone out!

You’ll find a blog hop at the bottom of this post with more blogs who are helping to feed dogs so hurry and write your blog post by September 3 and help our dog buddies!

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  1. Love the way the photo came was worth the people at the Jefferson Memorial thinking we all were crazy for having flat pets around lol

    • Paris and John says:

      Thank you!! LOL…I think we may have given vacationers something to write home about. “You won’t believe what I saw all those Americans taking pictures of…”


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