Liquid Gold

Yes, tucked between the cheese, sour cream, and the scrambled eggs for the dogs is a vial of cat urine (with some black plastic litter floating on top).

And we’re proud of it.

Obtaining that cat urine took a full 24 hours. As you’ll remember, our cat Felix blocked up last month and spent three days at the veterinary hospital. Tomorrow he has another follow-up appointment, this time for his hyperthyroidism medicine, and we needed to have his urine tested first.

We’d gotten a clean litterbox and the plastic litter ready well before bedtime on Sunday. Linus, who is taking antidepressants for his “barbering”, had a vet appointment on Monday morning. The plan was to lock Felix in the bathroom with the plastic litter on Sunday night, collect the urine waiting in the box on Monday morning, and leave it for testing when we took Linus in on Monday.


Monday morning came…and not a drop of urine in the box. Linus went to the vet. (Good news there: the vet said he’s doing very good on the medication and his dosage will remain the same for two more weeks then it will be cut in half after that.)

Monday wore on. Still no urine.

We let Felix out to eat and to hang out on the couch with the dogs for a while but, every time he got up, we rushed him back to the bathroom, hoping to get that sample. Finally at 11pm, he could hold it no longer.

This, of course, meant we needed to refrigerate the urine overnight and run it into the vet’s office on Tuesday morning.

The vet’s office just called and it’s a good thing we had the urine tested before his visit; Felix has an infection and there were also crystals present in the urine. We’ve been feeding him from the list of canned foods we received from our vet after he was released from the hospital but now he’ll need to go back on prescription food. We’re trying both canned and dry until we can get this under control. Tomorrow they’ll also check and see if his thyroid medication is in the right amount (when it was prescribed, there was a chance it might need to become a twice-daily dosage).

Back tomorrow afternoon with a follow-up!

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  1. Hoping for the best for the kitties!

    Collecting kitty urine sure sounds like a chore. Hope I never have to do it!!


  1. […] this week we obtained another urine sample (this time, Felix complied with just under 20 hours in the bathroom…a five-hour improvement […]

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