Jetty vs. the TV #WordlessWednesday

Thank you all so much for your messages and kind wishes while Jetty has been recuperating from her spay surgery. I’m SO happy to report that her 10-day healing period is up, although we’re still trying to keep her from major jumping and climbing. She did so great in her pop-up crate, and I’ll be bringing you more on how we handled this recovery time in a future post. And I’m super excited that, with Jetty’s spay surgery, her adoption is now FINAL!

But, back to…Jetty vs. the TV.

Jetty is fascinated with the television set. She watches the movement and is especially partial to flying balls, moving hands, and even the weather broadcast…

She watches patiently for a while…then begins batting at every moving object. She’s not allowed up on top of the entertainment center for a few more days but you can see her pre-surgery antics…

And, yes, those are boxes, books, and even foil pans surrounding the TV…because Jetty is otherwise determined to get BEHIND the TV and see what’s behind the action.

Jetty is better entertainment than many of the programs ON the tv!

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