Meet Jetty!

In yesterday’s post, we told you about our new kitty’s adoption from Austin Pets Alive. She was one of the shelter pets evacuated from Hurricane Harvey:

We’ve Adopted a Kitten!

Well, today we have a name! Meet Jetty!

Originally Jetty’s name was Sunday:

We’ve always changed our pets’ names after adoption (except Yoda…because he really did remind us of Master Yoda)…so we started thinking…

We settled on Jetty because the jetty in Port Aransas is always one of our favorite beach getaways. We sit by the jetty and watch the ships coming into the ship channel (usually escorted by wild dolphins) and the bird life…

The jetty plays such a prominent role in Port Aransas that it’s even the name of the newspaper in this town of just 4,000 residents:

Since we’re doing a fundraiser for the Port Aransas City Shelter this weekend, and since she was evacuated from a coastal area shelter, it seemed very fitting to name our new kitty after a site so impacted by Hurricane Harvey. We made our decision.

Then last night I got curious about the origin of the term “jet black” since Jetty’s fur is, well, jet black. I did some searching, and it seems that the term was first used in Victorian England when Queen Victoria declared that only jet jewelry be worn at court for the year following Albert’s death. For the remainder of her life, Queen Victoria was seen wearing jet jewelry.

And from what city shelter was Jetty evacuated? Victoria, Texas.

As we end this sad week of Ochi’s passing and the hurricane tragedy that has unfolded across our home state, Queen Victoria’s reminder seems fitting that, even in times of sorrow, it’s important to recognize and celebrate beauty with jewelry–or, in our case, with Jetty.


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  1. I could NOT be happier for you! Welcome “Jetty!!”

  2. I love little Jetty! We used to have a rock music club in NJ called the Jetty. I tried to comment yesterday but it got eaten by Mr. WordPress. We are doing an auction for Austin Pets Alive! this week and I’m also collection on FB for Victoria Janssen Animal Shelter. Dunno if that’s the one you’re talking about. Our friend lives in Bastrop and told us that they were taking all the area animals of evacuees.

    • Thank you, Cathy! Thank you so much for your fundraising for APA and the Janssen Animal Shelter…that’s in La Grange, not too far from Austin (it’s in the county where John grew up). They had terrible flooding in that town, too. It’s really hard to believe just how MANY communities have been devastated by this storm.

  3. Sandy Weinstein says:

    i did not even notice the little white on her nose, she fits right in….

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