Wordless Wednesday: Kitten Shots and Rainstorms

Yesterday we headed in for the next round of Jetty’s kitten shots, a visit that went much smoother than her first time at our vet’s office (a time when she bounced around the room, tried to land on the one-inch chair railing, and wound up landing on our vet’s HEAD.) Now that she’s got this vet visit thing all figured out–and knows she’ll be headed home as her next stop–she took to the carrier like a pro.

When we walked out of the vet hospital, though, we were faced with rain–Jetty’s first rainstorm since Hurricane Harvey flooded her hometown of Victoria. We don’t know her exact history but, judging from the many fire ant bites she had when she made it to Austin Pets Alive, we’re guessing that Victoria animal control rescued her directly from the flood waters, as they did many stray animals.

I wasn’t sure how Jetty would react to the sound of heavy rain, which is the remnant of Tropical Storm Pilar which hit Mazatlan a few days ago, eventually traveling across Mexico and into Texas. The rain continued all afternoon and evening…

And Jetty? She just cuddled up with her favorite pillow and never seemed to notice the rain. I’m happy to say that her sweet dreams seemed devoid of any Harvey memories.

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  1. Jetty is beautiful! Thank you for sharing her with us!

  2. That face so adorable. I know the loss of your pet was difficult, but look at the life you saved, it breaks my heart thinking of her trapped by flood waters and enduring fire ants. Sweet baby, for every loss there’s a new little one waiting for love

    • Thank you, Catherine…it has been SUCH a tough month but Jetty has really put a smile back on our faces. She’s so good for us and for our other pets, too…Lucky really needed a playmate after we lost sweet Ochi. Jetty is remarkable…you’d never know that she’d gone through so much with Hurricane Harvey!!

  3. Sandy Weinstein says:

    such a cute picture of her with her head out of the crate.

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