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Food and Feeding

Implementing the 15-Minute Feeding Rule Recently we had a question on our Facebook page from a reader asking about how to feed one cat a particular diet without the other cat eating the special diet. We have the same situation in our home. Felix, seen above, is on a special urinary diet while Linus, Coco, and Inca are not. It’s […]

How to Switch Your Cat to a New Cat Food We know from firsthand experience that switching cat foods isn’t always a popular move with our four-legged family members. Our cats, like many, can be downright finicky when it comes to their food and like to have for dinner what they had for breakfast, not just that day but every day in recent memory. But […]

How Often Do You Feed Your Cat? This is a sponsored post; we have been compensated by Hill’s Pet Nutrition. Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. is not responsible for the content of this article. In most households, meal time is a very special occasion. With their internal clocks, cats are generally spot-on when it comes to anticipating meal time, whether morning, noon or […]

Cooking for Your Cat: What You Should and Shouldn’t Feed Your Cat We feed our cats a commercial diet as well as commercial treats…but we also occasionally love to cook treats or give them a taste of food we’re preparing for us. From a bit of chicken to a little scrambled eggs, our cats enjoy having a bit of variety in their diets, too! PetCareRx produced this […]

Recognizing Salmonella in Cats One of the most common reasons for pet food and treat recalls is the risk of Salmonella, a group of bacteria that are the number one reason for food poisoning. Not only can Salmonella bacteria make your cats ill but handling pet food that has Salmonella can make you ill as well. For that reason, […]

How to Report a Problem with Your Cat’s Food, Treats or Medication We all worry about cat food, treat, and medication recalls — but what if you open a container and suspect that there’s a problem, even though there’s no recall? Or you feed your cat some food and he becomes sick? You can directly report your potential problem to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). […]

Natural Cat Food: Is Natural Enough? This is a sponsored post; we have been compensated by Hill’s Pet Nutrition. Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. is not responsible for the content of this article. As the readers of our site know, we are currently writing The Healthy Hound Cookbook, due out this spring. We’ve been doing a lot of research in the […]

Can I Feed Raw and Kibble? Today we continue our series of reader questions answered by Dr. Tiffany Bierer, health and nutrition science manager for Mars Petcare US. The raw diet seems to be all the rage now. Is it OK to mix a freeze dried raw diet with kibble? I have a very finicky eater. I can get her to […]

Does Corn Lead to Weight Gain? Today we continue our series of reader questions for Dr. Tiffany Bierer: How does corn impact the nutritional health of dogs and cats?  Does it lead to weight gain? Dr. Bierer: Corn is an incredibly important source of nutrition for both humans and pets worldwide.  The great thing about it is the many different types […]

Using SureFlap to Control Feeding You’ll remember a while back we posted about SureFlap and even ran a giveaway of this product that uses your cat’s microchip to unlock the cat door for him. Well, we just heard about another use for the SureFlap that’s of special interest to multi-cat families: using the SureFlap Microchip Cat Door to segregate feeding […]

Why Organic for Your Cat? Why Organic for your Cat? Guest post from Arcanatura LLC, a  pet care company specializing in holistic veterinary products. U.S. sales of organic food and beverages have shot up from $1 billion in 1990 to $26.7 billion last year in 2010. The terms “natural” and “organic” have become a growing trend, the shelves in supermarkets […]

Including Eco-Friendly Omega-3 in Your Kitten’s Diet Dr. Serge Martinod, DVM, PhD is the CEO of Arcanatura LLC, a green pet care company specializing in holistic veterinary products for dogs, cats and horses. He is a practiced veterinarian who specializes in natural pet health and healing pet allergies. Below, Dr. Martinod discusses the importance of including Omega-3 in your growing kitten’s diet. […]

Veterinary Care

Choosing a Cat-Friendly Vet As cat lovers, we all know how difficult it is to take many cats into the veterinarian’s office, even if your cat isn’t ill. Many, like our cat Linus, above, seem to get super-cat strength the moment they see that carrier. I know in our home, we’re trying to make the cat carrier just another […]

Planning for Veterinary Costs As you know, we authored a book titled Barkonomics: Tips for Frugal Fidos, calling on Paris’ background in Economics (and both our backgrounds in frugal living.) We’re always looking for ways to better manage your pet expenses…and one very important part of those expenses is veterinary care. A new infographic has been published by Credit […]

Keeping Your Cat’s Rabies Vaccine Current We live in the country and, every summer, we hear rabies reports. Fox, skunk, raccoon, coyote, and bat cases seem to be the most common but, just yesterday, we heard a scary story from our neighbor, a local veterinarian. A dog that later tested positive for rabies was treated in her veterinary clinic, a reminder […]

Top 10 Signs of Cancer in Cats (and Dogs) We didn’t realize that May was Pet Cancer Awareness Month, spreading awareness about this leading cause of death in cats and dogs. Recognizing the signs of cancer in your cat can be difficult because they can be so very stoic and give little sign that there’s any problem. Years ago, our cat KitKat had a […]

Veterinary Trend: Cat-only Clinics By Elijah Merrill for The Daily Cat Dr. Kelly Wright, a veterinarian and the co-owner of The Cat Clinic of Orange County in Costa Mesa, Calif., doesn’t experience daily barking, panting or dog smells in her cat-only clinic. As a result, the stress levels of […]

Top Five Ways to Keep Your Cat Healthy Like all of us, some cats can be very sedentary animals and sleep for much of the day. This can lead to them becoming overfed and fat and even result in obesity. All cats need to be looked after to remain in peak physical condition. It is important that you maintain a good general health […]

How to Manage Your Cat’s Health Care The Daily Cat: Health Care By Jennifer Viegas for The Daily Cat Has the recession affected your spending habits? A new survey reveals that the economic doldrums have impacted many cat owners. “Dogs and cats are feeling the bite of the recession as pet owners put a leash on pet care expenses,” says Susan Spaulding, […]

Keeping Your Cat Safe from Heartworms As the weather starts to cool down, the mosquito population generally diminishes…but the American Heartworm Society (AHS) is reminding pet families that heartworm disease is still a threat. “Heartworm is endemic in many parts of the United States, due to conditions that favor the proliferation of mosquitoes that carry the disease and the high reservoirs […]

Ask Dr. Audrey: My Cat’s Claws Won’t Retract! Dear Dr. Audrey, My cat has two claws that won’t retract! I hear them clicking when he walks across the floor. Should I just keep them trimmed or should I be taking any other precaution to make sure he doesn’t hurt himself? There’s nothing that can be done to make your cat’s nails retract, and […]

Ask Dr. Audrey: Helping a Stray Cat Have Kittens Dear Dr. Audrey, A pregnant stray cat has come to our house. I have taken her to the vet for a checkup, and she’s in good health. She is a young cat. I’m nervous about what to do when she gives birth. What should I do to help? Kudos to you for looking after this […]

Ask the Vet: My Cat Has Urinary Tract Problems! My cat has had urinary tract problems in the past. I give him extra water to drink using a syringe and he likes it but I feel like I should be doing more to make sure he doesn’t have a recurrence of his previous urinary problems. Are there any over the counter medications or changes […]

Avoiding Cat Scratch Fever Years ago, I had two cats: Cheeto and Snickers. One day, just a few weeks after I adopted the little kitten, I decided Snickers needed a bath…but Snickers had other ideas. Part way through the bath, she caught a claw just under my chin. It was one of those “I-think-there’s-a-fishhook-in-me” kind of scratches but I […]

Ask Dr. Audrey: My Cat Has Arthritis! My cat MAX has arthritis (back legs). What medication and other suggestions would you recommend 
to help ease his pain? He’s 12 years old. The first thing to do is to have a good look at his waistline. If he is at all overweight, then a diet is in order. He will be more comfortable […]

Carrying a Bath Mat to Your Vet Appointment This morning, our cat Linus had an appointment with our veterinarian. Linus is not a big fan of the vet’s office and pretty much everyone hears him coming as soon as we step out of the car. We’re always looking for ways to make our pets more comfortable at the vet’s office and recently ran […]

Saving Money on Your Cat’s Prescriptions–At the Drugstore As you know, two weeks ago we had to rush Felix to the vet’s office for urinary tract blockage. While he was there, he needed a prescription that the vet’s office couldn’t fill so they sent us to a local pharmacy. When the prescription was done, we received a call from the pharmacy that “the […]

Foods for Cats with Urinary Tract Problems As you recall, two weeks ago Felix had a urinary tract blockage that sent us straight to the veterinarian. It was an emergency situation and one that kept him hospitalized for three days, two of them catheterized and on an IV. During Felix’s stay, we talked with our veterinarian daily as we went up to […]

Ask Dr. Audrey: My Cat Has Continuing Urinary Problems! My cat Oscar has had a UTI and/or crystals on and off for over a year! He’s on the prescription diets, and I keep having to try different antibiotics. He still strains in the litter box and he’s at the end of yet another course of antibiotics. I can’t stand him continuously suffering like this […]

Ask the Vet: My Cat is Pulling Out His Hair! My cat recently had dental surgery and lost all but two canines and his small front teeth. Now he is pulling out his hair in clumps, accompanied by a lot of saliva. Could it be related to the dental surgery? I don’t see anything wrong with his skin. He eats well and seems to feel […]

Watching for Urinary Tract Disorders Today’s tip is a tough one to write; just this morning, we discovered Felix straining to urinate and rushed him to the vet. He has a urinary tract blockage or urethral obstruction, a  problem that he has had once before (and is on prescription cat food to combat). He’ll now be at the veterinary hospital […]

Avoiding Plastic Dishes to Prevent Kitty Acne Years ago, we fed our cats from super cute plastic dishes with cat emblems and bright colors. The dishes were so cute, they were unbreakable…and they gave Linus terrible chin acne. The acne began with just a couple of bumps and some blackheads on his chin and then it progressed. Soon his entire chin was […]

Senior Cats

Infographic: Senior Pets We have two “seniors” in our house (not counting ourselves!)…Linus and Felix. Felix is now about 14 years old, and Linus is about 13 1/2. As you can see from the above photo with their toys, these boys are still boys in many ways, enjoying playing, romping, and acting silly just about as much as […]

Increasing Agility in Senior Cats In the last of this week’s special series on living with your senior cat, Wendy Diamond, Today pet lifestyle contributor and Animal Fair editor-in-chief, discusses ways you can keep your cat spry and agile: Consider how you can rearrange your home to suit your cats needs. Place ramps leading to your cat’s favorite places and […]

Visiting Your Vet With Your Senior Cat As part of this week’s special series on living with your senior cat, Today pet lifestyle contributor and Animal Fair editor-in-chief Wendy Diamond shares tips on improving life for your mature cat: This may seem like obvious advice but frequent trips to the veterinarian’s office can keep your cat feeling young and vibrant, and could […]

Senior Cats: You Are What You Eat As we continue this week’s series of tips on senior cats, today Wendy Diamond looks at an axiom that’s often used with humans but applies to senior felines as well: The saying “You are what you eat” applies to animals just as much as it does to humans! That’s why it’s so important to be […]

Maintaining Healthy Skin in Your Senior Cat Yesterday in our series of tips on senior cats, Wendy Diamond looked at sharpening your cat’s mind. Today Wendy examines another important part of senior pet care: maintaining a healthy skin and coat: As any organism ages, the functions of life begin to slow down, which is why you need to stimulate your cat’s skin […]

Assessing Your Cat’s Age How old is old when it comes to your cats? Just like people, cats age at different rates. Cats are considered seniors at the age of 11 but, with proper care, they can have many years of fun ahead of them! For the next six days, we’ve got a special series of senior cat tips […]

Sharpening Your Senior Cat’s Mind In this week’s special series of tips from Today pet lifestyle contributor and Animal Fair editor-in-chief Wendy Diamond, we’re looking at helping your senior cat make the most of his golden years. Yesterday we looked at accessing your cat’s age; today Wendy takes a look at a healthy mind in your senior feline: A healthy […]

Insure Your Kitty’s Health By Elizabeth Parker for The Daily Cat Gretchen von Grossmann was stunned when her vet told her that it would cost $3,000 to treat her 8-year-old tabby, Bob, for a serious infection. “I stepped outside the office and cried,” she says. “Then I went back in and told them I had to put him down.” […]

Caring for Your Senior Cat: Interview with Dr. Ernie Ward Last week we asked you for your senior cat care questions for Dr. Ernie Ward (you might recognize him from the Rachael Ray Show and other programs). Now we have his answers! Dr. Ward was on a tight schedule so he didn’t have time to answer all the questions but, if your question was not […]

Caring for Senior Pets: Interview with Dr. Ernie Ward Last week we asked you for your senior pet care questions for Dr. Ernie Ward (you might recognize him from the Rachael Ray Show and other programs). Now we have his answers! Dr. Ward was on a tight schedule so he didn’t have time to answer all the questions but, if your question was not […]

Weight Control

Helping Your Cat Lose Weight Summer is just around the corner so we know what that means for all of us: swimsuit season! As we all look at the scale (and let’s don’t even talk about the mirror!) and wonder why we overindulged so much this winter, we also need to take a look at our cat’s figure. Is your […]

Giving Medicine to Your Cat I am going to be the first to admit that I haven’t always had an easy time giving medicine to our cats. It’s not from lack of experience; through the years we’ve had many cats who’ve been on daily medication. Some have been easier to pill than others. Elaine, our sweeter than sweet black and […]

Locating Information on Cat Metabolic Needs Today we continue our series of reader questions for Dr. Tiffany Bierer: Where could I get reliable, and credible information on the metabolic needs for cats and dogs? Such as grams per kg of body weight of the energy nutrients, and essential nutrients for their optimal health? Dr. Bierer: That is a great question!  The […]

Pet Insurance and Obese Cats Pet Insurance and Obese Cats This is a sponsored post by John Lewis Insurance, a leading supplier of pet insurance in the UK.  New research has shown that a third of cats in the UK are overweight*. Everyone loves a cute, chubby cat, but the strain that being obese puts on them can seriously damage […]

Helping Your Cat Lose Weight October 12 is National Pet Obesity Awareness Day but, like watching our own weight, making sure our cats remain at a good weight is a year-around job. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP), about 22 percent of cats are overweight. Today we have some tips from petMD contributor Dr. Patrick Mahaney about […]


Worms and Your Cat Worms. Nobody like to talk about them, much less think about them, but they’re definitely a part of life with cats and kittens. Worms, however, can plague both indoor and outdoor cats and even still-nursing kittens. One of the most common ways for cats to become infected with worms is through fleas. Through the cat’s […]

Cat Health Care on a Budget By Elizabeth Wasserman for The Daily Cat During the economic meltdown, families are looking to cut expenses, including their pets’ health care costs. But Arden Moore, editor of Tufts University’s Catnip magazine and author of Happy Cat, Happy You (Storey Press 2008), learned […]

5 Reasons to Keep Your Cat Indoors By Darcy Lockman for The Daily Cat When cat owner Bethany Hart, 35, of Farmington, Mich., moved to a new home last year, she decided to let her curious tabby cat Cleo explore the landscape. “I thought he would circle the house and come […]


Controlling Hairballs with Grooming Let’s face it: hairballs happen. And during the spring and fall months, they can happen a lot. But there are steps you can take to minimize the hairball discomfort for both you and your cat. Yesterday we talked about controlling hairballs with diet; today–National Hairball Awareness Day–we’re discussing controlling hairballs with grooming. Your cat does […]

Controlling Hairballs with Diet Let’s talk about hairballs… April 27, 2012 is National Hairball Awareness Day but there’s no doubt that hairballs know no special day; they occur just about anytime. Spring, however, is a peak time for these compacted balls of cat fur (accompanied by any food in your cat’s stomach) due to shedding. Hairballs happen…and it’s no […]


Issues in Pet Hygiene This is a sponsored post by VioVet, a leading online veterinary retailer in the U.K. When looking after your cat, pet hygiene is very important. There are a multitude of options available that can be taken to improve the cleanliness of your cat; surprisingly there are many pet owners who are unaware of them. In […]

What Causes Greasy Coats? Recently we asked you for your questions on pet nutrition for Dr. Tiffany Bierer, health and nutrition science manager for Mars Petcare US. For the next several days, we’ll be featuring Dr. Bierer’s responses to your questions! All my cats love Whiskas, but only one gets a greasy coat. They eat dry as well, and […]

Diet and Pet Dander As you know, Paris traveled to Topeka, Kansas to learn more about Hill’s Pet Nutrition late last year; before her trip, we asked our readers for questions to ask the scientists at Hill’s. Today we have a question about cat dander and diet;  thanks to Dennis E. Jewell, PhD, Diplomate of the American College of […]


My Cat Won’t Defecate in the Litter Box! Today we have a reader question about a specific litterbox problem. We’d love to hear your suggestions, too! I read your Litterbox Problems in Cats but it doesn’t address defecating outside the box. I have a male cat who uses the litter box to urinate but then jumps out to defecate – or, visa versa. […]

Training Kittens to Use the Litter Box In our experience, training your new kitten to use the litter box is a pretty easy task. Yes, there will be a mistake or two (but remember: we weren’t born potty trained ourselves!) Yes, you may think that your kitten is litter trained and they might forget once or twice. In general, though, cats are […]


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