Cat of the Day: Cassie Starbright

My Cat’s Name: Cassie Starbright

My Cat’s Age: 3 years

My Cat’s Breed (optional): Himalayan/Siamese Mix

What I Love About My Cat: Big blue eyes, constant presence, (she’s lying on the floor beside me now), sweet disposition, and peaceful with her sister and the occasional visit of the great grandcat. She loves to play and is very smart at figuring things out.

My Cat’s Favorite Things: Ball that rolls around a scratch pad, anything on the end of a pole and line, a carpet mailbox she lies in and on top of, watching birds and squirrels out the windows, and snack time.

-contributed by Beach Gal Bertie in Redmond, WA

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  1. Maggie Ann True Armstrong says:

    She’s so gorgeous!

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