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Cat of the Day: Dweezil, Domestic Shorthair

My Cat’s Name: Dweezil

My Cat’s Age: 3 years

My Cat’s Breed: Domestic Shorthair

What I Love About My Cat: Dweezil is the most loving cat. He is my shadow, following me wherever I go. He is very vocal and loves to “boss” around the other four cats I have.

My Cat’s Favorite Things: Drinking out of the sink, playing with his catnip banana or Kong kicker. Napping in the window in the sun, he likes to nap a lot 😉

-contributed by Julie in Petaluma, CA



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  • Maggie Ann True Armstrong

    He’s so gorgeous!! 

  • Katsrus

    What a beautiful kitty!

  • Dweezils Papa

    My Baby boy!!!!!!!!