Cat of the Day: Tiny, Calico Tabby

My cat’s name: Tiny

My cat’s age: 4 years

My cat’s breed: Tortie Calico Tabby

What I love about my cat: This is Tiny! Her story is a must hear! My mom loved cats her whole life and always had a few around her home. My mom passed away in January, 2008. We were a very close family and she loved her grandkids so much. A few months passed and my son was hit on our road by a vehicle while riding his bicycle, he was found face down and bleeding from his head and unconscious. We got notified and rushed him to a hospital, and he was airlifted to a trauma unit 75 miles away. We came home for a few minutes to change because I was still in my pj’s. I looked by the wheel of my car to see this 6 week old kitten on my wheel. I had no clue how she got there. My neighbor said “go on, I’ll take care of her til you get back.”

My son had a concussion and some scratches and a bruised hand where the wheel went over it. He came home 2 days later. The neighbor came over and said “I put your baby in your house. Where did you get her?” My son said “Mom I saw Grandma when I was out on the road. I didn’t know of course, I was unconscious. She told me I’d be fine and she sent me a gift, just have a ‘Tiny Bit of Faith’ and that’s when I woke up to you guys.”

My “Tiny Bit of Faith” was Tiny, and she helped my son get his strength back and he tamed her and she turned 4 this past May. My mom was such a cat lover; she made sure another kitty found a home.

My cat’s favorite things: Her favorite things are her cat cube bed that she won’t share and my daughter’s bed.

-contributed by Sher Adams in Many, Louisiana

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  1. Katsrus says:

    What an amazing story and a blessing too. Tiny is beautiful.

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