Watch for Our *New* Newsletter Schedule

Stop the purr-ess…we’re changing our newsletter schedule! Starting this week, our Sunday newsletter will now be published on Monday afternoon. Several of you have indicated to me that you’re super busy on Sundays and just don’t get a chance to get to your email. We don’t want you to miss out on this newsletter which […]

Are Some Rescue Policies Ageist?

When we adopted Lucky and Ochi, we had some specific criteria in our search. We were primarily focused on: a rescue within a two-hour driving radius of our home a kitten between four and six months old (we wanted one young enough to not be seen as any kind of threat to the other cats […]

Wordless Wednesday: My Office Window Perch

My office is on the second floor of our home–so it has a bird’s eye view over the creek and into the tall elm trees behind the house. Ochi and Lucky are found, side by side, on the window perch just about any time I’m at the computer. Right now the woodpeckers are very active […]

Wordless Wednesday: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Brr…after weeks flirting with the 80s, our temperatures have taken a sudden drop, and it’s found the cats snuggling more than usual. Although they’re strictly indoors-only cats, they definitely feel the change in the weather, especially when they’re cuddled up by the windows (their favorite perches). The catio is still open for their use, but […]

Wishing You a Wonderful Holiday Weekend!

As the world slows for a bit to enjoy Christmas and Hanukkah this weekend, we want to wish you all a wonderful holiday with your family members, both two- and four-legged. We’ve got warm (but drizzly) weather on the horizon so I know that Inca, Ochi and Lucky will be enjoying their catio this weekend! […]

Wordless Wednesday: Ochi’s First Christmas Tree

This is Ochi’s very first Christmas, not only with us, but on Earth…so it has been extra fun to watch her with the holiday decorations. I was a little unsure about putting up a tree this year but Lucky absolutely loves lying beneath the lights on his little Christmas rug… Ochi took to the tree […]

Remembering Christmas Past

This month, we’ve had a wonderful time on Ochi’s very first Christmas, watching her nap on the Christmas rug beneath the tree and (for the most part) doing a great job leaving the tree (albeit an undecorated one) intact and undisturbed. She has added so much fun to our lives, and it’s hard to believe […]

Ochi’s First Christmas Tree

When the Thanksgiving dishes were put away, my thoughts turned to our holiday decorations. This will be Ochi’s very first Christmas…so it made me wonder if we should consider getting out our big tree and all the ornaments: I decided to do a test run with a miniature little tree I bought last year. It’s […]

My Visit to PittsPURRbugh with #NutrishPets

Rachael Ray Nutrish has sponsored this post, but all opinions are my own. Just a month after Ochi’s adoption, I was headed back to a shelter–but this time to volunteer with Nutrish! Pittsburgh is almost Nutrish’s own hometown, located a little over an hour from the company headquarters, so our group of Nutrish influencers gathered […]

How Ochi Got Her Name

Just the other day, someone asked me how our new kitten Ochi got her name. Ochi (pronounced o-chee) is the nickname of the town of Ocho Rios, which sits on Jamaica‚Äôs north coast. John and I wanted a name with a sentimental tie. Coco had been named for the coconuts we enjoyed on so many […]

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