Win a $50 PetSmart Gift Card!


It’s time for another big giveaway to celebrate the third anniversary of CatTipper this month! We wanted to say a special thanks to our PetTipper subscribers! We really appreciate you all, and know that many of you keep up with what’s new on CatTipper and DogTipper though the daily, free newsletter. It provides a summary […]

Celebrate Grumpy Cat’s Birthday with #1MMGrumpyfrowns (Giveaway)


Would you like to help Grumpy Cat spread the grumpiness? This Internet star and spokescat for Friskies is celebrating her second birthday this month! Enter the Instagram Challenge Friskies Party Mix is hosting an Instagram challenge to collect a million frowns in honor of Grumpy’s birthday! Share a photo of your cat, either by themselves […]

Win a SmartCat Kitty’s Garden!


Spring has sprung here, and with it comes the urge to plant flowers, shrubs…and special plants for our cats. We have a catnip garden at our home where I’ve harvested catnip the past two years. But catnip’s not the only plant of interest to cats! If you’d like to grow some  100 percent organic plants […]

Giveaway: PetFusion Silicone Mat & Raised Feeder!


We know many of you–as we are–are big fans of the PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounger, a product that combines a scratcher and a lounge all in one. We’ve had ours for 15 months, and it’s still in daily use! But today we have two more PetFusion products to share with you in a giveaway we’re […]

Win a Four Paws Love Glove & Brush!


We are seeing a LOT of shedding here the past few weeks. Of our cats, Coco has the thickest fur so we’re seeing a lot of white fur everywhere, in spite of daily brushing. (Of our dogs, white-coated Tiki is also shedding the most right now…so we’ve got white fur to spare!) To help get […]

Win a Stainless Steel Pet Fountain!


It’s hard to believe but next month marks the THIRD anniversary of CatTipper.com! To mark the anniversary, we have a special series of great giveaways coming up…starting with a giveaway for a stainless steel pet fountain! We’re sponsoring this giveaway ourselves so we’ll be shipping one lucky reader a Pioneer Pet stainless steel fountain, Raindrop […]

Win a Lilly Brush to Save Our Sweaters!


Let’s face it: pets mean pet hair. And that hair has a way of working itself into our sweaters! One of our readers will win a Lilly Brush designed to remove pet hair as well as fabric pills, lint, and even light soil from fabrics. The Lilly Brush is designed with nylon bristles so it […]

Win a Catnip Rattlesnake Cat Toy!


OK, I’m going to be the first to admit I don’t like rattlesnakes. Living in rattlesnake country, I have a constant eye out for them, especially as the weather turns warmer. Here’s one rattlesnake that’s designed for fun, though. Made by For Paws and Home Etsy shop, the Catnip Rattlesnake Toy is handmade with acrylic […]

Win a Eureka AirSpeed EXACT Pet! #EurekaPower


We know EXACTLY where Coco spends every night. Whether it’s on the couch or in one of the easy chairs, Coco leaves a round ring of white fur, especially this time of year when she’s shedding (and shedding…despite our best attempts at brushing). We do a lot of vacuuming of our furniture now because of […]

Win a ShedMonster DeShedding Tool!


It’s that time of the year again…the time when pets blow their coats and get rid of that heavy winter growth. It can result in hairballs, tangles, matted hair (sometimes so bad they need to be cut out), and a general mess around the house. Instead of letting your pet shed and drop hair throughout […]

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