Meet adoptable Oliver Twist! Your purchases sponsored his kennel!

Earlier this week, we told you that Gengar, the occupant of the PawZaar kennel at the Animal Defense League of Texas, has been adopted! (He quickly followed the very first kennel occupant: Darius, who was adopted before the “ink” was dry on our blog post!) Well, now the PawZaar kennel has a new occupant: meet […]

Gengar Has Been Adopted!

We are SO excited to announce that Gengar, the cat in the PawZaar kennel at San Antonio’s Animal Defense League, was adopted on Valentine’s Day!! The Animal Defense League shared that the couple who adopted this big cutie recently lost their 15-year-old cat to health issues so this adoption marked a very special time. According […]

Meet Gengar! Your purchases are sponsoring his kennel!

You’ll remember that last week we shared super cute Darius, whose kennel at San Antonio’s Animal Defense League of Texas we are sponsoring. Darius has found his forever family and now the PawZaar kennel has a new occupant: meet sweet Gengar! Your PawZaar purchases are sponsoring the cat kennel (and a dog kennel) at San […]

Meet Darius! Your purchases have sponsored his shelter kennel!

We are SO excited to announce that, thanks to your PawZaar purchases last month, we’re sponsoring a cat kennel (and a dog kennel) at San Antonio’s Animal Defense League of Texas. The PawZaar kennel has its first occupant: meet sweet Darius! This week ADL sent us a card with Darius’ information. Darius, who is about […]

Adoptable Cat of the Week: Gia in Minnesota

Hello! I’m Gia. If you are a dedicated follower of fashion like myself, you may know the name Gia Carangi. She was the world’s first supermodel, and as I’m a couture-conscious cat with the same first name, I have decided to become the world’s first superMEOWdel. Just as modeling icon Lauren Hutton gained fame for […]

Adoptable Cat of the Week: Miss Priss in Minnesota

Hello! My name is Miss Priss, but I could also be called Miss Manners. I possess excellent etiquette in the home, such as going to the loo in my own litter box, sharpening my claws only on my scratching post and realizing that it’s just not ladylike to jump on counters, couches, or any other […]

Adoptable Cat of the Week: Maggie in Minnesota

Hello!  I’m Maggie.  Did you know that in several different languages my name means “pearl?”  I think my moniker suits me perfectly, because just like the gemstone I’m named after I’m a rare find and should be treasured! While many oyster shells must be pried opened in a search for an elusive natural pearl, to […]

Adoptable Cat of the Week: Hans in Minnesota

Hello!  My name is Hans.  Since I dream of becoming a famous author I like to think that I was named after Hans Christian Andersen, who wrote some of my favorite fairy tales, like “The Little Mermaid” and “The Snow Queen.”  Won’t you help me start a new chapter in the story of my life? […]

Adoptable Cat of the Week: Sidney, Beaverton, OR

Henri Matisse, Frida Kahlo, Théophile Steinlen…black cats have always been an inspiration for artists.  My name is Sidney, and whether you are a budding PiCATsso or just want to add a little ebony beauty to your life, I would like to offer you my services as your muse (or should I say “mews?”) Along with […]

Adoptable Cat of the Week: Mollie, Beaverton, Oregon

Hello! I’m Mollie, and I love to curl up with a good book. Truth be told, it’s more like ‘I love to curl up on a good book’. You can learn a lot by taking a cat nap on the cover of a classic! One time as I pawed on the pages of a book […]

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