Review: Eureka Ultimate Clean Pet Vacuum Cleaner

Welcoming in the New Year means it’s time to get our home organized after a busy holiday season. That starts with a thorough house cleaning. The cleanup is magnified for pet households since this is also a season when cats and dogs continue to shed their warm weather coats to prepare for winter which, for […]

Review: SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl

Let’s talk about summer bugs… Living in the country, insects are a fact of life around our home, especially when it comes to the summer months. We never use any pesticides of any sort, relying on beneficial nematodes and other natural methods to keep the numbers of at least some pests down in a natural, […]

Cleaning Pet Stains and Keeping Your Home Smelling Fresh

Let’s face it: cat pee happens. While we live with our cats around the clock and become somewhat accustomed to the smell of cat urine, when visitors (especially those who don’t live with cats) come to our home, we know that they’re able to smell cat pee — in spite of our efforts to maintain […]

Is Your Cat’s Bowl a Pain in the Whiskers?

Let’s talk about stress. We all know that cats can experience stress from many factors: a change of environment, tensions with other cats in the house, or changes in their human’s schedule, to name a few. We all do as much as we can to reduce the stress on our cats and create a happy, […]

Testing Yogabed in Our Pet-Friendly Home

We all know that cats are the masters of sleep. Our cats are pros at finding the most comfortable place to sleep, the most restful position to lie in, and then sleeping until they decide it’s time to rise. Every night, at least two of our cats — Linus and Inca — share our bed […]

Elevated Pet Bowl Holder by PetFusion

Looking for a stylish gift for your favorite cat lover? PetFusion’s Elevated Pet Bowl Holder is designed to make kitty’s mealtime easier by elevating the bowls above floor level. If your cat suffers from arthritis or has other mobility issues, using an elevated feeding station can be particularly useful. Cats who are picky eaters may […]


Pet owners: Whenever dogs, cats and other animals are present, you know nasty odors often follow. OdorXit products are the key to eliminating them. If your pet is constantly leaving his urine and mess in all the wrong places, has a general musty odor or has run into the wrong end of a skunk, take […]

SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap

We love unique products, especially when it comes to Gift Guide options, and the SureFlap is definitely in a class of its own. While you may find many cat doors including ones that open based on a special tag worn on your cat’s collar, SureFlap uses your cat’s microchip as the key to unlock the […]

SmartCat Kitty’s Garden, at Petco

We love toys that appeal to our cats’ natural instincts so we were so excited when Petco sent us the SmartCat’s Kitty’s Garden for review. This planter is designed to grow oats, wheat, rye, and barley for your cat. The wooden planter, set on a heavy, square base so your cat won’t tip it over, […]

Review: iCam 123 Powerline-Networking Plug & Play Camera Kit

Product: iCam 123 Powerline-Networking Plug & Play Camera Kit What it is: Home video monitoring system Manufacturer: brite-View™ (Zinnet Inc.), South El Monte, CA DogTipper Review: Here’s a good basic video monitoring device to keep an eye on your feline(s) while you are away. And, it may be the easiest solution out there. The iCam […]

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