New Carrier Allows You to Comfort, Protect Your Cat

We depend on our cat carriers. We keep them out so the cats can nap in them as they choose, helping them to feel more at home in the carriers when we have to go to the vet. However, the trip to the vet is always stressful (on our cats as well as on us). […]

Would Your Cat Like a Scents of Security Toy? #Pet1stAid

Recently I traveled to Atlanta for BarkWorld…so that meant Coco, Inca, Linus and Felix (and our dogs Irie and Tiki) were here with John for four days. While they love being here with him, I knew they’d miss me so I thought this would be the perfect time to test out the Scents of Security […]

Review: Kritter Kondo

Product: Kritter Kondo What It Is: outdoor enclosure for cats or small dogs Manufacturer: Kritter Kommunity CatTipper Video: Please upgrade your browser ; CatTipper Review: As our regular readers know, our cats are all indoor-only cats due to the predators in our area (namely coyotes). Indoor living is much safer for cats wherever you may […]

Review: Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed

Product: Sleepypod What It Is: combination pet bed and carrier Manufacturer: Sleepypod CatTipper Review: As our regular readers know, John and I were travel writers for years. We still do some guidebook writing but not at the pace we did for many years when we spent much of our time living out of a suitcase. […]

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