Does Your Cat Like Catnip? (Infographic)


Does your cat like catnip? Linus does, I think little Lucky does, and Inca and Coco have a take-it-or-leave-it attitude toward the plant. My catnip garden is once again in full swing so we’ll have some fresh catnip for them to enjoy soon. PetCareRx has released an infographic about catnip and cats. We enjoyed learning […]

Cooking for Your Cat: What You Should and Shouldn’t Feed Your Cat


We feed our cats a commercial diet as well as commercial treats…but we also occasionally love to cook treats or give them a taste of food we’re preparing for us. From a bit of chicken to a little scrambled eggs, our cats enjoy having a bit of variety in their diets, too! PetCareRx produced this […]

How to Save Money on Cat Food, Cat Litter


We’re all wanting to save money on cat supplies, whether on our own cat’s favorite food and litter brands or on products that we’re purchasing for donations. Here’s a rundown of some of our favorite techniques for saving money–without sacrificing quality–on your favorite brands of cat food, cat litter, and other cat supplies: Finding cat […]

Recognizing Salmonella in Cats


One of the most common reasons for pet food and treat recalls is the risk of Salmonella, a group of bacteria that are the number one reason for food poisoning. Not only can Salmonella bacteria make your cats ill but handling pet food that has Salmonella can make you ill as well. For that reason, […]

How to Report a Problem with Your Cat’s Food, Treats or Medication


We all worry about cat food, treat, and medication recalls — but what if you open a container and suspect that there’s a problem, even though there’s no recall? Or you feed your cat some food and he becomes sick? You can directly report your potential problem to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). […]

5 Ways to Use Vinegar in Your Cat Home


I love vinegar as a cleaning supply. It’s an inexpensive, green solution that doesn’t add unwanted chemicals into our home. While the smell of vinegar can be strong, it’s nothing like the chemical/perfume smell of many cleansers that will irritate my asthma. Cats, however, don’t share my love of vinegar. While the scent of vinegar […]

How to Grow Catnip for Your Cat (& a Giveaway!)


For the past several years, we’ve grown catnip! It’s easy and fun; the plant takes very little work. I grew our catnip from seeds but you can also buy small catnip plants. I like buying the seeds since I know the plant then hasn’t been treated with any kind of chemicals. To grow from seeds, […]

8 Thrift Store Purchases for Your Cat


I love thrift stores. Most of our purchases–from clothing to household items–come from our local thrift stores. And that also includes purchases we make for our cats. While soft cat-specific products such as cat condos or cat toys we purchase new, hard-sided products that can be thoroughly cleaned such as carriers are often found at […]

Avoiding Whisker Stress in Your Cat


Does your cat have whisker stress? He just might. Years ago, when I was more concerned about fashion trends than I am now, I had some sunglasses that sat oddly on my face. They looked fine and were fashionable…but when I blinked, my eyelashes would occasionally brush the glasses. It was endlessly annoying and disconcerting. […]

Introducing Your New Cat To Resident Cats


As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, four-month-old Lucky spent the first few days in our home in the bathroom, set up as a cat safe room for him. He was able to get acclimated to our home in a quiet, calm environment. It also allowed our resident cats–Linus, Inca, and Coco–time to understand that there […]

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