Introducing Your Kitten to a New Litter

As you know, earlier this month we adopted little Jetty from Austin Pets Alive! Jetty had only been in the care of APA for two days when she came home with us; previously she’d  been at a shelter near the coast which was evacuated due to Hurricane Harvey. That’s a lot of changes in her […]

7 Tips for Visiting a Cat Cafe

Rachael Ray Nutrish has sponsored this post, but all opinions are my own. This past week, I had the opportunity to visit the Eat Purr Love Cat Cafe in Columbus, Ohio with friends from Nutrish. You’re probably familiar with this cat cafe from our Cat Cafe Directory, one of the many cat cafes across the […]

7 Signs Your Cat May Be Hiding an Illness

We all know how difficult it can be to tell if our cats aren’t feeling sick. Unlike a person who will tell you what’s wrong, cats not only can’t tell you verbally but often try to hide the signs of illness. Today we have a guest post from the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical […]

Evacuating with Your Cat to a Hotel

On Friday we decided to evacuate and move to a hotel in our area. The projected track of Hurricane Harvey has been more unpredictable than any hurricane I’ve ever seen and, with our location beside a creek (and no way out other than driving across that creek), we decided to evacuate. Although we often travel […]

Why We Always Choose Clay Litter

Our cats use Cats Incredible litter from Lucy Pet Products for three reasons: This litter is specially formulated to prevent the formulation of ammonia in the litterbox. Ammonia is much of the reason behind that litterbox smell, and it’s harmful both to the feline and human residents in your home. It’s made by a company […]

Got Fleas? Check Out Natural Treatments for Your Lawn

I love many things about summer–but fleas are definitely not on the list. Although our cats are indoors-only, that doesn’t prevent fleas from finding their way into our home and on our cats if we don’t keep an eye on the situation. As I’ve written about before, part of our property is a preserve for […]

10 Ways to Help Your Cat Love the Litterbox

We’ve all seen the popular toilet paper commercials urging everyone to “enjoy the go.” Well, the same holds true for our cats. If our cats love the litterbox, they will USE the litterbox, a step in the right direction when it comes not only to our homes’ cleanliness but also our cats’ health. But how […]

Simon’s Cat Logic Explains How to Read a Cat’s Body Language

From purrs that communicate contentment to meows that signify a need for attention, cats have numerous vocalizations that explain their wants. However, our feline friends also rely on a variety of non-vocal means to relay their emotions and opinions. In the latest episode of Simon’s Cat Logic cartoonist Simon Tofield of Simon’s Cat fame and […]

Does Your Litterbox Stink? 6 Ways to Help This Summer

I love summer. I love the long days, the bright sunshine, the relaxed pace that defines the warm weather months. What I don’t love is the fact that, in some ways, summer stinks. We all know that when the mercury rises, it can be a struggle to stay just-out-of-the-shower fresh and to keep the garbage […]

Is Your Litterbox Ready for Spring Cleaning?

The calendar switched to spring this week–and with that comes the call of spring cleaning. In our house, one of the first areas for a good spring cleaning is the litterbox area! Here’s our five-step system for cleaning the litterbox/laundry room in our home: Step One: Clear the Decks We first move out the litterboxes […]

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