Catio Construction


We have a catio that John built onto our house. Like a mini-screened porch, it provides the cats a way to go outdoors while staying safe (and protects local birdlife as well).

Enriching Your Cat’s Life with a Catio As our regular readers know, we live in coyote country. We hear them every evening when they come down into the valley for water and for hunting. No one in our area has outdoor cats. But many of our readers don’t know that we’re also surrounded by a protected bird preserve. In fact, some of […]

Wordless Wednesday: Catio Winterizing Brr…a sudden cold front has us quickly doing a little winterizing on the catio this week. This is the first time we’ve had really cold weather since we built the catio so it’s going to be interesting to see how much the cats use it now. It’s still 40s-50s in the afternoon right now…and we’re […]

Our Catio Construction

We’re Building a Catio! We’re building a catio! Yesterday John bought the posts and the 2x4s for the frame. (Please excuse my clothesline in the background of this photo!) I’ve been going over every catio photo I can find (and there are some *great* ones at We’ve got plenty of room for a catio, and we don’t have […]

The Catio Construction Begins! Today work began on the catio! After bringing down a nest of wasps in the eves of the house, John started work on the catio by first removing the purple sage bushes that were growing at the side of the house. (I missed the removal of the first bush; John took it out during the […]

Shopping for Catio Materials This morning we headed to The Home Depot to purchase almost all the materials for the catio. (Last week, John bought some posts; we’ve still got the fine screening left to buy as the last step. We’ll be sure to share our full materials list with prices and some simple plans for the catio we build […]

Catio Construction, Day One With yet another 100 degree day predicted, we started work early on the catio today! The first step was to unload the materials that we’d had parked in the carport overnight. Then it was time for the real work to begin. John has done a lot of building projects around here (most of our house, […]

Catio Construction: Day Two After a day away from the catio construction site to recuperate from Sunday’s heat, today John was back at work on the catio. As you remember, Day One finished with almost all the joists in place to hold the floor. Today John added a couple of additional joists and a center brace so the floor […]

Catio Construction: Days 3 & 4 You know how a cat slooowly creeps up on something before pouncing? Well, that’s about the pace the catio construction has been going the past couple of days! Temperatures have been hitting ridiculous levels (106 yesterday!) so construction has been whittled down to just a couple of hours in the morning. John has completed the […]

Catio Construction: Days 5 & 6 With temperatures hitting 106 degrees both days this weekend so some of the work moved to the workshop (with an AC!) John built a door for the catio for the far end so we’d be able to go in and clean out the catio as needed. He covered the inside of the door with hardware […]

Catio Furniture While John has been constructing the catio, I’ve been selecting cat furniture for the catio. (OK, I realize that’s not quite a fair trade!) Since all the budget went to catio materials, I’ve been trying to look around and see what we could repurpose or buy used. I’ve settled on two pieces of furniture so […]

We Have A Catio!! Yes, we finally have a catio!! Today was a full day with John hanging the rest of the insect screening but we finally, finally got the catio opened for business! As we suspected, Inca was our first occupant! Ever since we adopted her 4-1/2 years ago, Inca has wanted to go outdoors, something just impossible […]

Our Catio Cat Door The first day we opened the catio to the cats, we just partly raised the window in our storeroom to allow them access. However, with a hot summer well underway here (another week of 100+ degree temperatures are forecast), we knew that we couldn’t continue to leave the window open and air condition the great […]

Catio: Details, Details Although we’ve had the catio fully functional for a couple of weeks now, we still had some final details to do in terms of trim. First, John added flashing between the house roof and the catio roof to protect the seam from leaks: Then, he added a second layer of roof boards, staggering the second […]

Bunk Beds Inca and Felix love their “bunk beds” in the catio. This was a former coffee table I had bought at a thrift store; John replaced the top with leftover boards after the catio construction. He also added boards to make a tabletop in the lower portion. Felix always takes the lower “bunk” and Inca (or […]

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