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We are joining in the Pampered Pooch Giveaway Hop of pet prizes! This hop takes place April 15-May 2, 2012. Here are all the details then you’ll find our giveaway package below with a full list of participating blogs at the end of this post!

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Welcome to the Pampered Pooch Giveaway Hop hosted by Green Mam-a Jam-a, My UN-Entitled Life, & Whirlwind of Surprises. Join us and enter the win some pet swag on the blogs featured on the linky below for all your pet needs. This one’s for all the furry critters in our lives. And, get bonus entries for hitting every blog on the list! All you have to do is enter the giveaway or if the giveaway is not open to where you’re from, leave a comment so that we know you visited.

Our Giveaway

Does your cat like to burrow under the covers? Then we’ve got a great giveaway for you: one lucky reader will win the BB-Bed (Bungee Burrow Bed) pictured above! Perfect for cats (or small dogs) that like to burrow, this prize is worth $75! All you’ll need to supply is a queen-sized pillow inside the bed and your cat or dog will be ready to go in this handmade bed made in the USA!

How to Enter

We’ve got several ways to enter on the Rafflecopter below; you can enter with as many or as few entries as you like. This giveaway ends at 12:01am Eastern on May 2, 2012. The giveaway is open to US and Canada mailing addresses only. Good luck!

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  • Shelley P

    My Chihuahua, Shyla, is 13 years young and just loves to relax and get her beauty sleep : ) She sleeps maybe 15 hrs a day. She would just LOVE this burrow bed. She enjoys sleeping under her blankets.

  • Shelley P

    My Chihuahua, Shyla, is 13 years young and just loves to relax and get her beauty sleep : ) She sleeps maybe 15 hrs a day. She would just LOVE this burrow bed. She enjoys sleeping under her blankets.

  • Anonymous

    I have 2 dogs,5cats and 2 sugar gliders. They all sleep ALOT! I’d say 15-18hrs. each of them.

  • debbie

    Patty, my 20 year old tabby sleeps around 18 hours a day. I wish my 1 year old tabby would sleep that much. LOL. If he is awake he is causing trouble.

  • CinnyBBS

    Oh wow, you know, I think they sleep a good 15 hours of the day away if not more…

    Whirlwind of Surprises 

  • Pamela C

    I made a snuggle bed, they fight over it. I’m in

  • Pamela C

    My cats sleep all differently, mostly mom sleeps 15 but the kids don’t seem to sleep that much, sorry messed up first post

  • Katsrus

    I think maybe 13 hrs a day. They take a lot of catnaps. LOL. Thanks for the giveaway.
    Sue B

  • Deb Anderson

    My two cats are sleeping more these days because they both have kittens! But when they didn’t have kittens, I don’t think they slept as much as some of the other posters on here. Maybe ten to twelve hours a day. They love to play too much to sleep!  🙂

  • geez I dont know how many hours i never counted lol , just the right amount i think
    i cant like the bb beds option as i am getting an error message? thanks

  • I’d say about 18 hours a day, cat naps interrupted by brief spurts of activity

  • JackieV

    I don’t know how many hours a day she sleeps.  She does love the couch, but I am home most days with her…and she sleeps on and off.
    Thank you!

  • all but about 3 hours of it!

  • Lisa F.

    I’ve never really counted it, but nearly 20 hours a day seems plausible for my kitty. When I’m home, he is almost always in my lap taking a nap.

  • Kristine L.

    My cats sleep almost all day long lol

  • Sjgilbert

    Including sleeping all night and little dog naps around 10-11. Hours a day.

  • Dominique

    I’m not sure. I think my dog would sleep all day if I let her lol. Especially if I’m willing to curl up in bed or on the couch with her. I’d say about 18 hrs or so for her. My cats however…I’ve never owned cats before them. And always viewed them as lazy and boring creatures. But my girls are pretty active. They run around chasing each other all over the house, bounding off furniture, and playing with their toys. They even fish toys out of their toy box to throw around the house. And hunt inanimate objects. At least Scribbles does. She “caught” one of my mukluk slippers the other day from my bedroom and dragged it out to the living room where I was and announced her catch to me. She was terribly proud of herself lol. Oreo prefers to catch things that move. Especially flies. They take naps here and there in between. I honestly think the cats sleep less than half the day though. Especially Scribbles. She’s the older cat, but she’s the more active one. She’s very playful, and enjoys carrying conversations with people. And my hermit crabs probably sleep about 12 hrs or so. They’re awake off and on throughout, but become more active at night. (Nikki Marie on rafflecopter)

  • Keisa rogers

    I would say about 10 hours a day for the dogs and 12 or so hours for the cats

  • Alexis

    My dogs sleep at least 15 hours a day I think!

  • Edward P.

    Our Pets sleep alot during the day, maybe 8 hours at least, but play alot at night.

  • Judy Cox

    My cat sleeps a good 8-10 hours a day.

  • Clenna

    My dog sleeps about 16 to 18 hours a day!

  • Shartmaniam

    My dogs sleep maye12.

  • Myra Rzepa

    my dog sleeps about 12 hours a day!:)

  • Candie L

    My doggies sleep more than half the day.  THankyou

  • I think my pets sleep 12-18 hours a day

  • hellokitty

    My cats love to burrow into everything so this look purrrrrfect for them. I t would be great to win one so thanks for the chance.

  • Diane B.

    My older cat sleeps about 16 hrsa day if not more but the younger one is more active. He probably sleeps 12hrs in a day unless he goes outside and gets wound up. Then he busy trying to get back out the rest of the day.

  • Susan Franklin

    It seems like when they are not eating they are sleeping.The cats sleep more than the dog. I try to get her to exercise a little. I would guess about 18 hours.

  • Cheryl frederick

    My cats sleep at least 10 hours a day.  Dogs not so much…Maybe 9?   Thanks for the giveaway offer!

  • Cheryl frederick

    My cats sleep at least 10 hours a day.  Dogs not so much…Maybe 9?   Thanks for the giveaway offer!

  • Danielle Murgia

    My dog, Sissy sleeps probably at least 12-15 hours a day!

  • Sagirak9

    A lot of hours. 🙂

  • Toby Collins

    In a 24 hour day, I’d say 16….ahhhhh, a dog’s life!

  • Michelle Spayde

    I really don’t know how many hours are spent snoozing around here because there are a few residents that patrol the hallways (and sometimes cupboards) throughout the night.   Kitty cam time? 🙂

  • Melinda S

    12 hours or more

  • DA Levin

    I’d have to say about 14 hours a day.

  • Cathy Truman

    My cat Jasmine sleeps around 12 to 14 hours a day.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  • My cat sleeps around 14 hours a day.

  • Tspaid54

    at least 18 hrs

  • TaxiLab

    My pets (dogs) sleep much more than I think they do as evidenced by being home on Saturday and Sunday and watching them lay around all day! Even my crazy yellow lab…she’s sleeping right now. I guess I wore her out throwing the ball 🙂 I think they must sleep 15 or so hours a day! I read somewhere they need to sleep longer than we do because they sleep lighter since they are always “on watch” for threats. You’d think they’d have learned they can relax more since they’ve been domesticated….

  • Kathlyne Brown

    At least 18!

  • I can’t count them! Lol. My dog sleeps a lot as do my cats but I am not sure how much they sleep when I am sleeping. Lol.

  • monicaandrew25

    about 10 hours

  • Maggie Ann True Armstrong

    Oh gosh… maybe 12=14? lol, THEY’RE LAZY BUMS! 

  • J Wresh

    Maybe about 10 total!

  • Sweet prize!

  • cstironkat

    Between 10-12, they have a very rough life.

  • around 8 hours a day or so

  • Brittany A

    My guess is they sleep 10-12 hours.

  • Journeysof TheZoo

    Lots. We take them out every day and they live on 15 acres so maybe they sleep lots because they get so much exercise!?
    P.S. The BB-Bed Facebook link doesn’t work.

  • Darlene Owen

    our dogs probably sleep 15 hrs. a day

  • Debbie

    How many hours a day do they sleep?  We’re a multiple species, multi-animal household, so you would have to be more specific for me to give an answer, but I can answer you in general, with “a lot!”.  Our little 17-year old Dachshund sleeps most of the time now, but if she’s not sleeping, she still goes on fast-forward. She’d probably take over the bed because she loves to burrow.  I’m sure there would be a kitty or three on the top though snuggled up with her.  🙂

  • Rachael Henzman

     My two kitties sleep pretty much all day on and off so at least 12 lol

  • Shedlee

    our little pooch rests when my husband has his nap…they both go into the bedroom and sleep for a good long time, then when he gets up, she gets up. same thing in the mornings…they are sleeping buddies.

  • Noelle

    Most of it as far as I can tell! 

  • Quite a few…Shes a bulldog, one of the most lazy breeds there is!

  • Christine A.

    Not enough haha well at least for one of mine. I have 2 dogs, a 13 yr old and a 3 yr old. The 13 yr old will sleep when she wants and for how ever long she wants, she old. For my other dog, the 3 yr old she has a lot more energy but she she will cuddle up next to me and fall asleep when I am relaxing on the couch watching tv. So between the both of them probably 11-15 hrs. They would love this bed, especially my 3 yr old.

  • Kristen

    My dog probably sleeps about 12 hours a day.

  • Kathy Schoenherr

    18 hours…he’s 15 years old.

  • Jessica Bleasdale

    seems like all they do is sleep….lol

    Jessica Bleasdale (JACB)sexxyjessi at hotmail dot com

  • Anonymous

    Hopped around all 33 blogs. Some are not having it or there giveaway isn’t up. Wrote Dina ofMy UnEntitled Life Blog and she said to claim the points and let you know that some aren’t up.
    commented as amyorvinName on rafflecopter Amy OrvinEmail 2dogs5catscrew@att.net

  • jodi lasher

    They sleep about 4 hrs a day… 

  • Jessica Bleasdale

    the BB-Beds Facebook link doesn’t work. I also tried to search them out on FB but could not find them. I checked their website to connect with them on FB via their site but their FB link from their own website also doesn’t work.

    Jessica Bleasdale (JACB)sexxyjessi at hotmail dot com

  • Abrennan09

    It seems like our Felix sleeps all day – he actually gets a wild spurt at 3am – every morning.

  • Just Coupons

    The pets sleep all night with us and they probably sleep 4 hours during the day too

  • DogsMom

    My pets sleep in 4 or 5 hour increments but let me sleep at least 6 hours overnight, altho I think that is their planning and plotting time.

  • Clc

    My cat probably sleeps about 14 hours a day.

  • Anonymous

    with 4 cats, they sleep 24-7!  lol.  I think they sleep pretty much 8-10 hours daily at different times.

  • zymlo599

    My Pup-Pup naps throughout the day (from boredom) and then sleeps the whole night.

  • Sylvia Ortiz

    Replace prior comment (zymlo522) with this one.

    My Pup-Pup sleeps through the night and doesn’t wake us up until around 9am.

  • My kitty sleeps alot like 18 hours or so.

  • Debbie

    Our kitty sleeps a lot, at least half the day.

  • thankfully all through the night now, and probably every minute I’m not looking if they can – LOL

  • Cynthia Downer

    I’ve never counted.

  • I do not know….

  • Anonymous

    My cat sleeps most of the day and night.

  • Sleeps a lot off and on during the day.

  • Anne N.

    My cat sleeps for 23 hours!

  • I read somewhere that cats sleep for an average of 16hrs/day! Wow! My kitties probably sleep close to that. 

  • Heather

    they sleep probably 12 hours a day…ish..

  • Coreybrennan26

    Our cat probably sleeps 18 hours.

  • Jennifer Wiliams

    My Emma sleeps on and off all day!  Gee, the life….      🙂

  • Spoileddoxie

    This would be so fun to win! My cat likes to lurk, but when she’s not being nosy she’s asleep!

  • Christine

    Bebe and Bella sleeps on and off all day.
    Thanks for the chance!

  • Dawn

    I think mine sleeps 23 out of 24 hours! Hee hee!

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  • I cant like bb beds on facebook? i just get an error message, I have been trying for days, this usually means they have their facebook settings set to US only?

  • Kat

    My cat just sleeps and eats, plays a bit and sits in the sun. She sleeps all night and maybe naps for a total of 7 or 8 hours during the day. She sleeps curled up in a cardboard box lined with a flat fleecy  cushion.

  • I would say my cats sleep on average about 16 hours maybe

  • K Anne

    I am sure it is at least 18 hours.  She loves to sleep!

  • Phoenix

    Every spare moment they’re not eating or playing!

  • Anonymous

    About 18-20

  • Ju P.

    Dumpling sleeps between 13-17 hours a day.

  • My kitty sleeps about 18 hours, give or take 🙂

  • Amy

    about 12 I’m thinking

  • He sleeps about 10 hours a day! At least!

  • Velvethubler

    Atleast 14

  • sandy weinstein

    that depends on which girl…evie is the oldest at 10, so she sleeps more than the other 2 girls. tressa is almost 3 and harley is almost 2. they take “cat-naps” during the day, after breakfast and dinner and middle of the day, but at night sometimes and in the morning they chase one another around the house jumping on furniture, chasing the toys….i know evie sleeps when i am not at home, but i dont think the other 2 girls sleep, b/c the house is a mess when i get home, dirt taken out of the plants, leaves everytwhere, all of the toys are out of the basket (over 100) and spread all over the house, puppy pads shred, stuffing out of toys, sometimes it takes me over an hour to clean up their mess. so i gather they sleep on average abt 5 or 6 hrs during the day with evie more.

  • They sleep at night when I sleep if they’re in my room and usually most hours of the day. They might be awake only 8-12 hours of the day if not less.

  • Debbie

    my dog sleeps 10-12 hours a day

  • Mary Witter

    About ten hours.

  • Nikki Elkins

    probably about 10-15

  • Christina

    Christina – xristya@rock.com – My dog Birdie (who’s 12 and a German Shepherd Husky mix) sleeps about ten hours a day!

  • Anonymous

    The cats sleep about 12 hours a day, the dogs sleep about 8-10 and then lounge around and play the rest of the day

  • Marybaker112

    If I am still, they are sleeping!

  • Pepperpom

    Pepper sleeps 8 hours at night and naps off and on all day, I guess alltogether, about 16 hours a day, unless I keep her too busy to nap a lot.

  • Bernice

    I cant like BB-Beds on FB & I ‘m not sure how many hours but i know its alot 

  • From Furrin

    She sleeps for 23!  Kidding.  It depends on the weather.  If it’s sunny she spends most of the day outside.  If it’s cold or wet she probably sleeps at least 12-16 hrs.  

  • Carla

    I don’t know.  The dogs are always barking & the cats are always fighting over who gave who a dirty look, so it’s never quiet enough to tell!

  • Lynette Paige

    My dogs sleep about 8 hours a day.. I don’t think any more than that.. cause I’m always exhausted from chasing them around lol

  • Anonymous

    I think Leonardo (my cat) sleeps for about 15 hours out of every 24 (seriously, I think so).

    The Rafflecopter calls me ‘Margot’ since it is accessing my facebook where I am ‘Margot Core’.

  • Helen Bush

    more than us

  • Julie B.

    Ralphie sleeps about 8-10 hours a day (he’s 8 and not that active of a dog) and I would say that Callie the calico sleeps about 12-14 hours a day.


  • Chrystal S

    It seems like 24 unless we are at the dog park lol!

  • Anonymous

    Kol likes to nap at least once or twice a day for an hour or so and he loves to snuggle into bed at night. Geeze, now that i think about it, that lazy little woof is wasting practically half the day in bed. That dog needs to get a job.

  • krystle

    Around 10-12 

  • Rochelle

    I’d say Bear sleeps about 8 hours at night with an hour nap here and there during the day. Thanks!

  • Rochelle

    I entered or commented on all. On Blogspot user name is Romapr and for WordPress Rochelle and FB/Rafflecopter name is Rochelle Martin. Thanks!

  • Sarah

    Oh, gosh, I really don’t know.  The dog sleeps with me all night and naps throughout the day.  Seems like the cats sleep most of the day but sometimes they join us in bed, too.

  • Anonymous

    My animals love sleep.  Currently on my bed one of the cats, Dexter, is snoring away.  

  • Jennifer Speed

    4-5 hours

  • Daniel M

    probably 8-10

  • Anonymous

    My cat sleeps most of the time since she’s 14 years old 
    Thanks for the contest.

  • Sue C.

    I think the cats sleep at least 12 hours a day.

  • Emily L

    My cat sleeps at least 14 hours a day.

  • r bindel

    idk really. he sleeps alot. i would say 18 hrs a day lol. sometimes i cant find him and assume hes sleeping but hes usually acting something or planning on it

  • Paula Tavernie

    Atleast maybe 17 hours!
    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  • Missy L

    Twice as much as I do that’s for sure! Tis the life…

  • Julie B.

    I entered all the giveaways except for Common Centsability,
    in which the Rafflecopter shut down on me on my first entry, so I left two
    comments on that page



  • Jodi Trudel

    Im guessing 23 hours lol

  • Dawn

    I am not sure really. The cats sleep on and off – it seems like a lot, lol!


  • Anonymous

    I have 7 fur babies (cats) but they all tend to sleep about 19 hrs a day!  LOL  At least that is what I read somewhere…I swear it is more than that!  LOL
    14earth at gmail dot com

  • Lovefool827

    Gosh our cats probably sleep 20 hours a day! Lovefool827 (at) yahoo (dotcom)

  • Anonymous

    I have never really tried to count them up, buy I suppose the dog sleeps about 16 hrs a day, while the cats are about 20 hours.

  • dawn reid

    Seems like all day but I guess 16-18 hours

  • Jennifer Jennings

    They sleep about 12 hours a day. Thanks!

  • alyce poalillo

    I have 7 kitties and they average 18-20 hours of shuteye, the older ones the greater amount.

  • Susan Roragen

    They probably sleep 15 hours a day (that I know of.)

  • Savannah Miller

    My beagle sleeps ALL day lol

  • Misty

    No many during the day, 15 or so at night.

  • Rick

    They just sleep at night, unless we are traveling.

  • Nancy

    Molimo is a busy bee.  She crashes after 8 or so and sleeps through the night.  Not many naps at all.

  • My dog,Violet,sleeps for 8+ hours a day and my cat,Scorpion, sleeps 12+ hours a day

  • From Furrin

    Vicki Vix on all but “4 the LUV of SaNiTy” where I inadvertently used my mum’s name (I didn’t realize she was the last person signed in – we share a computer) Rosemary Hernandez. 

    —- Vicki Vix on Rafflecopter  —-

  • I’m guessing about 14 hours a day.

  • about 12+ hours

  • Kim Reid

    Probably 18 hours!

  • spirit_kim

    At least 5 hours sleeping, thank God because he is go go go otherwise. 

  • Patientkind2000

    I have 4 cats… I’d say about 18 hours, give or take.  ~ JanT

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