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DRP-SHED-RPQS-1It’s that time of the year again…the time when pets blow their coats and get rid of that heavy winter growth. It can result in hairballs, tangles, matted hair (sometimes so bad they need to be cut out), and a general mess around the house.

Instead of letting your pet shed and drop hair throughout your home, it’s easier to brush that loose hair away, preventing mats in the process. The ShedMonster can reduce shedding by as much as 90 percent thanks to its stainless steel that comb through the coat and remove that underlayer of shed hair.

Would you like to try the ShedMonster on your cat or short-haired dog? We’ve got one to give a lucky reader!

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We received this ShedMonster deshedding tool for review.

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  • Danielle Murgia

    Sissy is a medium shedder. I have about a canister full of fur each week when I vacuum.

  • Deanna

    My jack russell terrier sheds like crazy!

  • Lisa F.

    I have heavy shedders and light shedders. My Corgi sheds the most!

  • Shelley Joy P

    My cat is a heavy shedder and my dogs are light shedders.

  • Phoenixtl

    A lot of shedding in warmer weather.

  • Theresa Spaid

    Summer gets here and its wall to wall hair not long after vacuuming! Gotta say heavy shedders.

  • katsrus

    They are heavy shedders. Thanks for the giveaway.
    Sue B

  • meduim shedders sometimes heavy sometimes light

  • Lynda Noack- Cook

    my pets are pretty heavy shedders, but than I have four pets so it’s like living in a giant would love to win this!!

  • Paula Ball

    I do rescue and have both long and short hair. I have seen this tool at work, and it is great. My vet sells them and has a video that shows how to use them. If you have a shedder and don’t win this, go buy one. You won’t believe how much work it will save.

  • Carol

    I have a long hair cat that leaves those sticky fur balls all over the place!

  • slr11

    My 5 cats are heavy shedders!

  • my 3 cats are heavy shedders, especially the long haired one.

  • Jenette

    Both of our dogs have short hair by shed really bad. I bathed one of our dogs over the weekend and he left a handful of hair in our tub and is still shedding.

  • Amanda Heck & Cat Rocco

    My cat Rocco is a medium shedder, but the problem is I am allergic to cats, so the less hair shedding, the less allergies I have!

  • lsglickman

    Golden sheds a lot

  • Karen DeGraaf


  • Helga

    I have 2 dogs ans five cats so its a combo of fur types!

  • missy sands

    my dogs are lite shedders.

  • magentaruby1

    With long or short haired cats, they still need to be defuzzed, groomed, so they don’t get hairballs. Great giveway!

  • damien crawley


  • damien crawley


  • andie

    Our big cat is a heavy, heavy shedder. This would be a blessing, for us and the cat.


    two long haired cats and a lab…need I say more?

  • Darlene Owen

    I have 2 black labs and they are heavy shedders

  • Linda Szymoniak

    I have five Treeing Walker Coonhounds, who have short fur. I also have three cats, two of who are DSL, but the third is a Maine Coon and he has very tangly fur that is hard to brush. I tried a friend’s Shedmonster on him and for the first time did I get all the mats and tangles out with no problem, but he was actually purring while I brushed him. He typically gets mad and tries to claw me (and sometimes even tries to nip). I really need one of these for Koneko.

  • Victoria Gammage

    I have 2 cats, one is a long haired Persian and the other is a short haired Siamese. They both are shedders but the Persian is a heavy shedder.

  • Debra Guillen

    I have 2 cats. One is long hair and sheds terribly. The other one is short hair and only sheds minimally. I would love to try this with my long hair cat.

  • Elsie

    I have 2 collie-mix type dogs…definitely heavy shedders. This prize sounds great!!

  • Rachel T

    I have two cats and one dog. All three are shedding very heavily lately! It’s out of control.

  • Stephanie Lehr

    Jaguar is a medium shedder. She licks up a lot of her hairballs and then pukes but there is cat hair all over her stuff and ours.

  • I have 3 heavy shedders and 1 light shedder! Any way you look at it – lots of hair!

  • Sheri Ferguson

    Three dogs and four cats, all light shedders that add up to alot of fur…

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  • Joy

    medium shedders

  • Rachael Henzman

    We have several and one is a VERY heavy shedder while the other ones are light shedders. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Holly E

    I have 5 cats and 1 dog, so all together, they shed like crazy. Thanks for the chance.

  • Marilyn Nawara

    HEAVY…. have a boarder collie.

  • Natalie L.

    I have a Bernese Mountain Dog and he is a very heavy shedder

  • SGilbert

    I would say they are light shedder.

  • mullin77

    My dog Bailey and my cat Jasmine are heavy shedder
    Cathy Truman

  • Pat Weldon

    My 3 cats and 2 of the dogs are heavy shedders. Our toy poodle just needs to be groomed regularly.

  • tombellamy

    Heavy shedders.

  • scottsgal

    I have a beauceron puppy that’s a heavy shedder

  • Barbara Hutcheson

    ******Very heavy shedders-I have a Bernese mountain dog who produces small animal dust bunnies! Also an old German Shepherd that sheds a lot of fine hair and of course even the cat sheds!!******

  • Shannon

    I have one who sheds a LOT!

  • dogmom4

    Light shedders.

  • knightsbud

    Boy do I have shedders…..a long hair rough collie (like Lassie) and a long hair doxie!!!!

  • Cynthia Amber Downer

    My 3 dogs and 1 cat are all pretty heavy shedders.

  • Cindy Conner Bowling

    Heavy shedders

  • christina

    I have three cats and they are all heavy shedders like CRAZY πŸ™‚ I am no better myself with my long hair. Opps……….. πŸ˜‰

  • Carol

    We have 4 dogs and 5 cats so we have both types, but have tons of fur balls on the floor!! This would help.

  • Christine Aiello

    Coco is a light shedder.

  • Jdace

    I have heavy shedders. Two dogs and a cat in the house so there is always hair shedding around here. Any tools would be great.

  • Nikki Blanchard

    a light shedder.

  • Leah Lucas

    My dog is an Australian Shepherd and in the spring and fall the shedding is crazy!!

  • Kathleen Manthey

    I have a dog that has pretty short, sleek hair, but amazingly he sheds like CRAZY! In the spring and summer it’s worse, but we ALWAYS have dog hair on everything.

  • Susan Pertierra

    My cats are light shedders but I have friends with heavy shedding pets!

  • TrishFr

    Yes, my short haired Chihuahua sheds like the dickens. So we usually end up with white dog hair all over us. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • Rachel T

    So heavily lately!!!

  • Danielle

    My pets don’t really shed much unless it’s shedding season and then it’s GAME ON. I simply look at them and 50 hairs fall out it seems.

  • My two cats are both HEAVY shedders, so I desperately want to see if this will work for us. πŸ™‚

  • Some are heavy, some light shedders

  • Wen Budro

    During shedding seasons….yes….heavy.

  • LyricInTime2803

    Shiloh is a HEAVY shedder!

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  • Shawna Hoffstrom Chapman

    I have 2 cats and a dog. My 1 cat and dog hardly shed at all but the other cat makes up for both of them! She sheds like mad!!

  • kayla Williams

    I have 2 cats and an elderly lab in the house and they are SUPER HEAVY shedders!!

  • cindus-yankee

    I have a Maine Coon that gets matted really bad.

  • Candice S.

    My cats are longer haired cats, so they are defiantly heavy shedders.

  • Dorothy Teel

    My yellow cat does not shed much, but his sister the black one does and I find her hair on a lot of stuff, this would be very helpful for shedding here.

  • Cheryl Chervitz

    I have two Boston’s and they lightly shed.

  • Jim Hayes

    My dog is a very, very heavy shedder.

  • I have one kitty who doesn’t shed much at all. But I have one who I swear should be bald by the amount of hair that comes off of him!’

    Cori Westphal
    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  • wendy c g

    my older dog sheds a lot is the summer time, my younger is a light shedder

  • michelle jadaa

    Two of our dogs dont shed but the third one does and our 3 cats shed a lot!

  • Joanne Gregory

    My dogs are very heavy shedders and the 5 cats aren’t much better. My husband reminds me that we should consider animal hair to be a condiment.

  • amry still

    My cat is a long hair and a heavy shedder.

  • Andrina Goetz

    I have one that is a heavy shedder and one that is a light shedder.

  • gkran

    Heavy shedders. (Gianna)

  • Mai Tran

    My Weimar is short-haired but when she sheds, hair is still visible everywhere.

  • tina m

    I have a Siberian husky that is about 9 months old and she is starting to get her adult coat, when she walk hair falls off, poor thing is having a really “ruff” time. Also a blue heeler and two cats inside, this is not counting the outside animals. I have one big hairball here…LOL!

  • Jaclyn

    I have a chocolate lab. Shedding isn’t horrible.

  • Rachel Laitala

    Heavy! πŸ™

  • Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    both the dog and cat are shredders

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  • Judy Thomas

    We have both, from Steve the guinea pig to Mocha the part Maine Coon. There is hair all over the place! I would love this.

  • Cogito Ergosum


    Heavy shedders.

  • sandy weinstein

    i have a small one that i use on my girls. they are not heavy shedders but it helps w/ getting the undercoat and dead hairs.

  • Anita J White

    I have 5 cats 3 of which are heavy shedders i so need this!

  • pmilner

    Amazingly, our little dog, Bullitt, does not shed, except when he is shaking for some reason. We never find any dog hair in our home. Thank you for the super giveaway opportunity giveaway. This would be a great gift for my Brother. Please continue with the exceptional blogging.

  • Jessibeth Vicenty

    Super Shedders! Both of them cat and dog

  • Tiago Rosado

    my cat not realy but my dog,yes!

  • Heather Bridson

    My pugs shed constantly..year round!!!

  • Jennifer Vix

    Vix seems like a light shedder but thats just because my last two dogs were Engligh Springer Spaniels and definitely heavy shedders. This would be for my sister who has a new Golden mix rescue, definitely a pretty heavy shedder. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • dh_jax

    I have eight dogs…..three of which are rescues. All of them except two of the rescues are shelties. When they blow their heavy undercoat, they are very heavy shedders. I can literally brush them an get entire grocery store bags of fur off of each dog when most of it comes loose. However, with the shelties it’s just a once a year thing and the rest of the time they shed very little. I commonly get asked “don’t they shed a lot” as it’s a common misconception that double coated dogs liken shelties shed a lot….they really don’t….. On the other hand, one of my rescues is a pit bull, who sheds constantly. In the warm months, it’s the worst. He can shake and literally leave fur everywhere…. And since his hair is short and dense, you can’t run a regular brush through his hair with any effectiveness at all which results in his little prickly hairs everywhere that weave into everything and clump up on the floor. I would love to win this for Blue as it would really come in handy to keep that loose hair under control so it’s not all over my floor! Thanks for thr chance to win!

  • BonnieP

    My collie sheds everywhere. I am constantly vacuuming and chasing floating dog fur

  • maria ferre

    A light shedder at the moment I would say!

  • sandy weinstein

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  • sandy weinstein

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  • Cathi

    Boy, could I use this! Short haired dog, Long haired cat.

  • Katie Mitchell

    my corgle molly and my 2 long haired cats shed a lot

  • Shelley W

    Sadie Mae is a heavy shedder!

  • Elizabeth

    Not the heaviest of shedders – but he sheds!

  • Evelyn Chuter

    I have 4 cats and 3 of they are heavy shedders.

    My brother left me a Himalayian when he passed, and Oh Lord, that kitty sheds like crazy. And all over my computer which is where she lays all day.

  • Ruckus the Eskie

    heavy shedder!

  • Gwen

    my carts are moderate to sometimes heavy shedders

  • Gwen

    My cats need to have their fur brushed regularly because they are moderate to heavy shedders!

  • Jeana O’donnell-Murphy

    My lab is a heavy shedder

  • Wanda Van Winkle

    I could use this tool today as it’s give-the-cat-a-bath day.

  • Lesley F

    One is light and the other is a heavy shedder