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With four cats in our house, we know how litter can be tracked around a home. It starts out innocently enough, a piece here and there, and, before you know it, there’s litter underfoot where you least expect it.

The best way to prevent that litter tracking is with a litter mat located near the litterbox. We have been using the Smartcatcher Frisky Cat Litter Mat for the past two weeks right in front of the cat door that goes out to our laundry room, home of the litterboxes.

The difference in the Smartcatcher was obvious as soon as I picked it up…this is a heavy litter mat. It’s made with 3M™ premium material; Smartcatcher says the Cat Litter Box Mats trap 72 percent more litter than ordinary litter mats.


It was time to put it to the test.

We put the mat in front of our cat door to the laundry room. Each of the cats goes through this cat door and immediately steps on the mat on return from the litterbox, a time when stray litter is ready to be retracked around the house.


As you can see, the loops caught not only litter but loose hair as well (and there’s plenty of that in our home.) What I’m not showing you is that the mat also catches liquids. Coco vomited on the mat one day; its solid vinyl backing meant no liquid leaked through to the floor. I just took the mat outside and hosed it off…mess resolved!

The-Frisky-Cat-front-1-300x300That vinyl backing also keeps the mat firmly in place. Our cats have a habit of turning small rugs into toys, rolling them up and somehow sliding beneath them. I have to say that this mat has not been out of place once in the weeks I’ve been testing it.

The mat can also be vacuumed or you can just take it out and shake out the litter. The indoor-outdoor material means this mat can also be used outdoors (great for dog households, too!) The mats are designed to last three times longer than traditional litter mats.

I also loved that the mat is soft. As you can see in the video review above, I’m barefoot on the mat. It’s soft and pliable, not at all scratchy. I know our cats–like me–want something soft underfoot!

A big paws up for the Smartcatcher mat!

Now one lucky reader will win their own large Smartcatcher mat!

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