Win a Stainless Steel Pet Fountain!


It’s hard to believe but next month marks the THIRD anniversary of! To mark the anniversary, we have a special series of great giveaways coming up…starting with a giveaway for a stainless steel pet fountain!

We’re sponsoring this giveaway ourselves so we’ll be shipping one lucky reader a Pioneer Pet stainless steel fountain, Raindrop Design. We know firsthand that our cats (and dogs) love circulating water; it cleans their water, cools it, and encourages them to drink more–especially important with our cats.

I love the look of this sleek fountain! This fountain holds 60 ounces of water which can be filtered with a replaceable charcoal filter. The fountain is dishwasher safe so it’s easy to clean! It measures 4 ¼”H x 9 ¾”W x 11 ¾” L and has a 6′-long power cord.

This giveaway is open to US and Canada readers.

How to Enter

We have multiple ways to enter in the widget below. You can enter with as many or as few entry methods as you choose; you can also return to this widget any time for additional entries. Don’t forget to check our current giveaways page for a full list of all our giveaways for pet lovers. Good luck!

We are providing the prize for this giveaway.

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  • Phoenixtl

    Stainless steel.

  • Mary W

    This beats a plain ol bowl any day. My cats and dogs would both love this for the moving water.

  • Evelyn Chuter

    Actually none of the above. Well, one drinks from a glass bowl and the other 3 drink from plastic bowls. I hope that’s ok. If it’s not, please let me know.

    • Plastic is fine if your cats don’t have any reaction to it. Our cat Linus once got a terrible case of chin acne…and we were using plastic bowls. I stopped using the plastic bowls and the acne went away! Some cats have an issue with the plastic bowls but many do not! Paris

  • Jason Diehl

    Tupperware dish

  • SGilbert

    They drink out of a plastic bowl.

  • Angela M

    I have 2 plastic water fountains at the moment.

  • Mary Witter

    My cat Kudra uses a plastic fountain, and my dog Casey uses a glass bowl.

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  • Susan Pertierra

    I have a DrinkWell plastic fountain for my cats.

  • Amy Orvin

    My cats drink from a Drinkwell fountain

  • Lynda Cook

    right now they all share a stainless steel bowl

  • katsrus

    We have a drinkwell fountain. Not a stainless steel one though. Thanks for the giveaway.
    Sue B

  • Dogmama

    Huffle drinks from a stainless steel bowl, but it can’t contain his mess 🙂

  • Candice

    My dogs use a stainless steel bowl.

  • Linda Szymoniak

    I have a plastic double bowl dog dish that we use for just water in our main bathroom, and that’s what my cats drink from most of the time. We have a second, smaller, glass bowl in the upstairs bathroom a couple of them use. One, Arata, who is just 6 months old, loves drinking from water running lightly from the sink, too.

  • sherry butcher

    My dog uses a Stanless steel bowl outside and ceramic inside.

  • magentaruby1

    I’ve used stainless steel bowls for my cat’s water, and this would make a great gift for my friends who have pets, Great Prize!

  • Jdace

    We use stainless steel bowls for both feed and water bowls. They are easy to clean. I think the stainless steel fountain would be a nice addition for them to have the moving water. My kitty would really like it because he sticks his paws in the faucet water.

  • Colleen Boudreau

    A stainless steel bowl.

  • Deanna

    My dog uses a stainless steel bowl. Nothing this fancy.

  • Danielle Murgia

    We’ve got a cat fountain. Sissy likes it more that the cat does.

  • Jessibeth Vicenty

    Robin has a stainless steel bow 🙂

  • Deena

    Ceramic bowl

  • Helga

    They are using a ceramic fountain now.

  • Theresa Spaid

    Its an old glass mixing bowl.

  • Linda Gabbard

    They currently use a plastic bowl

    Linda Meyers-Gabbard

  • cynthiac

    I have glass bowls for my cat’s water.

  • Nikki Blanchard

    Her water dish is ceramic, but she prefers a red solo cup, like what we drink out of! 🙂

  • dawn rasor

    plastic bowls that go in the dishwasher

  • Jeni Mitchell

    My Toby currently drinks from a stainless steel bowl that is part of a Neater Feeder. From the times I have kitty sat for my Aunts though, I know he loves to drink from a fountain. Toby would definitely enjoy having a fountain here.

  • Shelley P

    My dogs and cat both have a stainless steel bowl. I think my cat would love a fountain!

  • They are drinking out of a plastifc fountain that I really don’t like that well.

  • rosannepm

    They use a ceramic bowl

  • andie

    We use a stainless steel bowl but I put icecubes in it each morning because our spoiled cat likes colder water.

  • Connie KittyBlog

    we actually use that exact bowl.. I’d just like one on the other side of the house.

  • Raine Dawson

    We have a double stainless steel bowl and 2 ceramics.

  • Carissa Joslyn

    Just my sons bowls.. :/ We lost all of our stuff while moving 6 times in 3 years. sooo.. we don’t have much!

  • carawling

    the 3 cats use glass bowls

  • scottsgal

    mine use a stainless steel bowl

  • Katie Mitchell

    the cats water dish is stainless steel and the dogs is plastic

  • Parenting Furkids

    Vlad & Barkly both drink from a giant stainless steel bowl. It’s ugly though. This fountain you have looks sleek and pretty.

  • Cinco and Manna currently use a stainless steel bowl, but they would love to have a fountain 🙂

  • Rachael Henzman

    We use a big plastic bowl currently for our crew! Thanks for the giveaway!


  • Terri Shaw

    She has a ceramic bowl.

  • Leah Lucas

    They use a stainless-steel bowl!

  • Jennifer P

    Vix, my canine baby, currently uses a stainless steel bowl that’s in a raised stand for her water. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Jeanette Jackson

    They both use a stainless steel bowl.

  • Dominique

    My animals are currently using a ceramic bowl.

  • AsTheNight

    Our kitty uses a stainless steel bowl.

  • We currently use plastic and ceramic bowls.

  • Jamie

    With six dogs and a cat we use a variety in their rooms, outdoors, in the kitchen, and their kennels.

  • Marilyn Nawara

    He has a stainless steel water bowl

  • Wendi Watson

    my cat has a plastic bowl! thanks

  • buckyandtux

    I have a fountain but would like a 2nd one, the dog likes drinking from it too so I have to fill the one very often.

  • Diane Therkildsen


  • We currently use a ceramic bowl for the kitty and stainless steel bowls for the dogs.

  • Angie Fiack

    My cat has commandeered my water glass ! My dog uses a stainless steel bowl.

  • Kristi Brandon McDowell

    We have both plastic and stainless steel water bowls for our dogs!

  • Stainless steel bowls.

  • Talex5

    I currently use a stainless steel bowl for my pet’s food and water.

  • chelsea m

    I use a stainless steel bowl for food and water for my cat.

  • CarolynH6

    My cat drinks from a stainless steel bowl in a Neater Feeder.

  • helobuff

    ceramic bowl

  • Heather Bridson

    we currently use a ceramic bowl

  • Lisa F.

    I have a plastic fountain for my cat and the dogs drink from plastic or metal bowls.

  • Robin A

    We have a stainless steel water bowl. But they drink out of the faucet when it is running

  • Karen DeGraaf


  • Pamela Curry

    A stainless steel fountain . They love it but it gets filthy dirty quickly from one of them cleaning paws. with my crew a 2nd would be good.

  • kayla Williams

    My cats will not drink out of plain water bowls, they only drink out of the faucet which I have to leave running all the time.

  • AndreaH (Andrea Hamilton)

    Currently we have a stainless steel water bowl. It works great and we’ve had it for several years.

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  • Barbara Hutcheson

    *******my dogs currently have a large water jug fountain******

  • Andrea

    My cats currently use a ceramic bowl (well, a couple ceramic bowls) but we need to change the water several times a day because if it sits too long they refuse to drink out of it no matter how thirsty they are.

  • Cynthia Amber Downer

    Currently they all use an automatically refilling water bowl. I wish they made pet fountains that hold enough water to last 3 med-large dogs and 1+ cat at least a day. But if I win I’ll put it next to the cat’s food.

  • Popeye’s mommy

    My cats currently have an auto refill bowl, a cool-whip bowl, as well as a ceramic coffee mug in the shape of a toilet 🙂
    I have one guy who splashes the water out of all the bowls as soon as they’re filled.

    The other requires a special diet that makes him super thirsty all the time. Always looking for a solution that ensures water is available 24/7

  • Cheryl Chervitz

    My dogs have a stainless steel one in the kitchen and a ceramic one in my bedroom.

  • MARIA simon

    we have a stainless steel bowl.. my animals all have health issues and we stay at the vet so something would be great to keep them hydrated..thanks for giveaway fantastic one

  • tonja1nation

    This is a very cool product!! Would love to win!!

  • CandieL

    One dog eats out of a plastic bowl and the other eats out of a stainless steel. Thank you

  • Kaylee Kuroski

    All of our animals use the same ceramic bowl for their water.

  • Abby C

    I use a ceramic bowl for water 🙂

  • Cassandra Davis

    My kitties are using stainless steel bowls. My male cat loves drinking running water, often when I walk in the bathroom he’ll jump in the tub and set under the faucet giving me “puppy dog eyes” till I turn the water on. Silly kitty 🙂

  • DailyWoman

    Right now my cat just uses a stainless steel bowl.

  • Debbie Petch

    The fish aquarium!



  • Dorothy Teel

    RIght now we are using a ceramic bowl for water and I fill and change it 2 x’s a day, my cats like water, but they also love to get water out of dripping faucet in bathtub..LOL

  • Pat Weldon

    Stainless steel bowl.

  • Ronald Gagnon

    Our Golden loves her x-mas present….a blue hard plastic bowl

  • Kayci Stanley

    My dogs have a plastic dog water dish right now, it says DOG on the side 😛

  • richelle bowers

    my dogs use a stainless steel bowl

  • Darlene Carbajal

    My cat uses a little plastic bowl.

  • Atreau

    They have both plastic and ceramic bowls.

  • Angela Cash

    My pets drink out of stainless steel bowls.

  • Richard Hicks

    Our pets use a ceramic bowl to drink water