Winter Holidays

Ask The Vet: Cats & Christmas Tree Water? One of my neighbors said I should never let me cat drink the water that my Christmas tree is standing in. Is that true? Christmas tree water contains preservatives that help the tree last longer. These are usually dextrose (a sugar) and some fertilizer, as well as tiny amounts of some metals. It’s not likely […]

How to Have a Cat-Safe Christmas Tree This Year Today we have a special guest post about a topic of importance in many cat households right now: Christmas tree safety! Cats are curious critters, and climbers, and scratchers, and chewers…. It can seem like Christmas trees are just asking to be destroyed – ornaments batted around, cords tangled and chewed, and the star on […]

Keeping Cats Safe During the Holidays Today our friends over at have a great infographic about pet holiday safety that we wanted to share with you! We’re about to start putting up our holiday decorations…and we always take special precautions to keep our cats safe around the tree and trimmings. And please don’t forget to enter our giveaway to win […]

New Year’s Resolutions: Focus on Pet Nutrition  Mealtime at our house: the cats eat first while the dogs wait, patiently and politely. You are what you eat. Yes, it’s trite but it’s true. The food that we eat and the nutrition that it delivers impacts the way that we feel, from our energy level to our ability to fight off illness. And […]

Valentine’s Day Means Adoption Specials at Many Shelters Each of our cats was rescue, all but one (Coco, who was a stray) coming to us by means of local shelters. Valentine’s Day always brings special promotions from innovative shelters. While adopting a pet is in no way like buying a traditional Valentine’s Day present, your new cat–unlike those roses or candies–will be with […]

Helping Feral Cats During the Winter Months As you know, our now indoors-only cat Felix was a former feral…so we have a very soft place in our hearts for the millions of feral cats that live in the shadows. Winter is an especially difficult time for feral cats. Not only do they need increased nutrition to keep their body temperatures up, they […]

Spring Holidays

Recognizing the Dangers of Easter Lilies With Easter right around the corner, cat lovers should be aware that Easter lilies (also known by the scientific name Lilium longiflorum) are poisonous to cats. Every segment of the flower–and several other varieties of lilies–can be fatal to felines. Once ingested, vomiting and lethargy can quickly lead to kidney failure, followed by death within […]

Making Easter Safe for Your Cat Easter is a fun time for your family–but it can be a dangerous time for furry family members. Cats face several dangers: Easter Lilies: Easter lilies are toxic to cats so don’t allow your cats near them. Kidney failure and death are possible if ingested. If you suspect your cat may have eaten part of […]

Summer Holidays

Keeping Your Cat Safe on the Fourth of July On July 5, animal shelters around the United States will be packed with incoming cats and dogs. Why? July 4th fireworks. More cats and dogs go missing on July 4th than any other single night of the year due to the noise of fireworks celebrations. Even if you don’t expect fireworks nearby, remember that cats […]

Fall Holidays

Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Cats Every time we cook turkey, our cats go crazy. They love the smell of the baking turkey and want to crowd into the kitchen. But we know that cats underfoot can spell disaster and we always plan our Thanksgiving cooking schedule so that the cats are either in our upstairs offices, in the bedroom, or, […]

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