How to Save Money on Cat Care


Want to know how to save money on cat care–while, at the same time, providing your cat with a healthy, happy lifestyle? We’ve got you covered. Here you’ll find tips on all kinds of ways to save money on cat food, cat supplies, veterinary costs, and more.

How to Save Money on Cat Food, Cat Litter We’re all wanting to save money on cat supplies, whether on our own cat’s favorite food and litter brands or on products that we’re purchasing for donations. Here’s a rundown of some of our favorite techniques for saving money–without sacrificing quality–on your favorite brands of cat food, cat litter, and other cat supplies: Finding cat […]

5 Ways to Use Vinegar in Your Cat Home I love vinegar as a cleaning supply. It’s an inexpensive, green solution that doesn’t add unwanted chemicals into our home. While the smell of vinegar can be strong, it’s nothing like the chemical/perfume smell of many cleansers that will irritate my asthma. Cats, however, don’t share my love of vinegar. While the scent of vinegar […]

How to Grow Catnip for Your Cat For the past several years, we’ve grown catnip! It’s easy and fun; the plant takes very little work. I grew our catnip from seeds but you can also buy small catnip plants. I like buying the seeds since I know the plant then hasn’t been treated with any kind of chemicals. To grow from seeds, […]

8 Thrift Store Purchases for Your Cat I love thrift stores. Most of our purchases–from clothing to household items–come from our local thrift stores. And that also includes purchases we make for our cats. While soft cat-specific products such as cat condos or cat toys we purchase new, hard-sided products that can be thoroughly cleaned such as carriers are often found at […]

Inexpensive Ways to Avoid Whisker Stress in Your Cat Does your cat have whisker stress? He just might. Years ago, when I was more concerned about fashion trends than I am now, I had some sunglasses that sat oddly on my face. They looked fine and were fashionable…but when I blinked, my eyelashes would occasionally brush the glasses. It was endlessly annoying and disconcerting. […]

9 Non-traditional Places to Shop for Cat Supplies Where do you shop for your cat’s needs? We know the usual retail outlets generally come to mind: superstores, pet supply stores, grocery stores, and online retailers. But there are numerous other places to shop for your cat. Here are nine non-traditional place to shop for your cat’s needs: Membership Clubs. If you don’t already […]

Valentine’s Day Means Adoption Specials at Many Shelters  Each of our cats was rescue, all but one (Coco, who was a stray) coming to us by means of local shelters. Valentine’s Day always brings special promotions from innovative shelters. While adopting a pet is in no way like buying a traditional Valentine’s Day present, your new cat–unlike those roses or candies–will be with […]

Pet ‘Net: Budgeting for Cat Adoption Today we’re joining in Pet ‘Net 12 Adoption Event 2012! Be sure to check out the other posts in this campaign and enter to win $5,000 for your favorite shelter, too! You’re searching for your next feline family member but you’re torn between the shelter cat, the free kitten available from your neighbor, and the […]

Cat Health Care on a Budget The Daily Cat: Health Care   Cat Health Care on a Budget By Elizabeth Wasserman for The Daily Cat During the economic meltdown, families are looking to cut expenses, including their pets’ health care costs. But Arden Moore, editor of Tufts University’s Catnip magazine and author of Happy Cat, Happy You (Storey Press 2008), learned […]

Finding Cat Food Coupons Are you a coupon clipper? Although coupons were once the stuff of the Sunday newspaper, today coupons are found more places than ever (and often you don’t even need to pick up a pair of scissors thanks to high-tech coupons!) As you clip cat food coupons, keep an eye out for brands you don’t purchase […]

Making Cat Treat Dispensing Toys Of all our cats, Felix is the biggest game player. He absolutely loves to play interactive games with our dog Tiki, as the two of them work to get treats out of a specially-designed toy. Felix also loves to play with treat-dispensing toys especially designed for cats. Whether stuffed with cat kibble or cat treats, […]

Planning for Veterinary Costs As you know, we authored a book titled Barkonomics: Tips for Frugal Fidos, calling on Paris’ background in Economics (and both our backgrounds in frugal living.) We’re always looking for ways to better manage your pet expenses…and one very important part of those expenses is veterinary care. A new infographic has been published by Credit […]

Controlling Fleas by Vacuuming Your Upholstery Flea season is starting here so we’re doubling our efforts to control fleas using natural methods as much as possible in our household. Not only do we vacuum our floors more than usual but we also vacuum the soft surfaces throughout our home. Since our cats (and dogs) spend a lot of time on the […]

10 Ways to Save Money On Your Cat’s Care Cat lovers want to provide their cat the best possible lifestyle—but, at the same time, saving money is a top concern for everyone these days. Whether you’d like to save on must-haves like food, litter, and medications or on occasional purchases such as toys and bedding, with a little pre-planning you can trim those costs […]

Saving Money on Your Cat’s Prescriptions–At the Drugstore As you know, two weeks ago we had to rush Felix to the vet’s office for urinary tract blockage. While he was there, he needed a prescription that the vet’s office couldn’t fill so they sent us to a local pharmacy. When the prescription was done, we received a call from the pharmacy that “the […]

Saving Money on Flea Preventative In many places, summer is just about synonymous with fleas. (Fortunately, due to our drought, we have had an extremely low flea count this summer.) We know that many people would like to learn how to save money on flea preventatives and recently we interviewed Dr. Karen “Doc” Halligan about a new, less expensive flea […]

Adopting a Cat: Budgeting As part of our continuing series of tips from American Humane Association, American Veterinary Medical Association, CATalyst Council, and Petfinder, we wanted to look at an important aspect of cat adoption: cost. Budget for the short-and long-term costs of a cat. Understand any pet is a responsibility and there’s a cost associated with that. A […]

Saving Money on Cat Supplies with a Price Book In the last of this week’s series on saving money on your cat’s food and supplies, let’s look at a savings technique that you can use in any aspect of your life: the price book. The price book (which can be as simple as an index card) helps you learn sales patterns on your favorite […]

Using Coupons Outside the Grocery Store In this week’s series on saving money on your cat’s food, litter and supplies, we’ve been looking at ways you can save with coupons. Grocery stores are synonymous with coupon shopping…but that’s just the start! Use coupons at dollar stores. Did you know that many dollar stores accept manufacturer’s coupons and some also have their […]

Stretching Cat Product Coupons In this week’s series, we’ve been looking at ways to save money on your cat’s food, litter, and other supplies. We’ve been looking at ways to obtain coupons…today we look at advanced shopping techniques to stretch those coupons! (And you know your cat will approve of anything that involves stretching…) “Stack” coupons. Not every store […]

Saving Money at the Store on Cat Supplies Yesterday we discussed some high-tech ways to obtain coupons before you head to the store for your cat’s food and supplies. Once you head to the store, whether that’s your local grocery store or a pet supply store, you’ll often find additional coupons for everything from cat supplies to cleaning products…if you know where to […]

Using High-Tech Coupons for Cat Supplies This week, we’re featuring a five-part series about saving money on your cat’s food, treats, litter and other supplies! One of the tried-and-true ways of saving are coupons. It might be an old-fashioned way of saving at the store but today’s high-tech twists can help you save both time and money. Here are a few […]



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