CAT CHAT, Nov. 28, 2012

This week on Tracie Hotchner’s CAT CHAT radio show:

  • Learn how omega-3 fish oil works for cats and dogs and especially how to measure the right serving on CAT CHAT® Nov 28th at 8 PM when Tracie talks to Erin Hay from NORDIC NATURALS. Tracie also wants to introduce everyone to the online feline veterinarian Dr Shelby Neely from, who loves the Official Toy of CAT CHAT® so much that she made her own video with her kitties and the Neko Flies wand toy!

  • Good news for those who cannot catch CAT CHAT ® live every Wednesday night at 8 PM East (5 West)  – the previous week‘s show will replay every Wednesday morning at 11 AM East (8 AM West). Now for a double bonus, every Wednesday night’s live show will replay at 11 PM East (8 PM West)!

The weekly CAT CHAT® show airs on the Martha Stewart channel, Sirius/XM 110 on Wednesday nights at 8PM ET (5PM PT).

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