Cats Protection’s Celebrity Paws 2012 Auction Underway

Their performances have left indelible impressions on our collective memory, and now an array of animal-loving luminaries are among those who have left an impression of their ‘paw’ on paper for a good cause.

In celebration of Cats Protection’s sixth annual Celebrity Paws auction, the following high-profile pals of those who purr have literally lent a helping hand to the largest cat welfare charity in the United Kingdom by tracing an outline of their hand and decorating the drawn digits for an Ebay auction of their artwork:

Dame Maggie Smith— The Downton Abbey star, who could transfigure into a feline as Madam Professor Minerva McGonagall in the cinematic retelling of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter novels, is sure to draw interest to the auction with her ‘paw’trait.

Hugh Bonneville— Although he may be associated with a lovable Lab thanks to his role as Robert, Earl of Grantham on Downton Abbey, the actor is the cat’s meow in the eyes of his fans for helping Cats Protection.

Phyllis Logan— She’s won the hearts of television viewers as head housekeeper Mrs. Hughes in the hit series Downton Abbey, and the star’s heart-embellished drawing has won her the admiration of animal lovers.

Sophie Turner— Currently starring as Sansa in the hit HBO series Game of Thrones, the adolescent actress has created a drawing with 60s-inspired flare for the fundraiser.

Gok Wan— The celebrity fashion consultant seen on the TV series How To Look Good Naked traced his hand to design a brighter tomorrow for cats in need.

Nell McAndrew— A glamor model who posed as Lara Croft in the video game version of Tomb Raider has become a role model by drawing a paw that’s positively Dali-esque.

Jan Leeming— The newscaster, who took on the role of a judge for Cats Protection’s National Cat Awards earlier this year, drew a stylish silhouette of her hand for the auction.

Jessica-Jane Clement— One lucky bidder will be tickled pink to receive a blush-hued hand drawn by the glamor model/star of The Real Hustle.

Sonali Shah— The newscaster, who hosted an Olympic-themed program British Olympic Dreams, deserves a medal for her artistic effort, which features an exotic mendhi motif.

Along with figures from the small screen, a number of renowned artist and illustrators have drawn upon their skills to show their support for Cats Protection, including Celia Pike; Beth Wilson (the creator of Doodlecats); Jim Fields (the illustrator of Cats Ahoy!); Martin Leman; American artist Sarah Morris; Simon Drew; Spike Gerrell and Susan Bower.

Bidding on the autographed artwork will continue on Ebay through December 9th.

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Photo Credit: Cats Protection

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