Day Two: Shopping for the #FridgeChallenge


We don’t talk about it very often, but John and I don’t eat flour or sugar. We feel much better eating a diet that’s fairly low in carbohydrates. Instead of bread or (my downfall) chips, we eat salads, meat, cheese, eggs, and veggies. Instead of cookie and cake desserts (ahem, another downfall), we eat a lot of fresh fruit.

And all of that is tough to enjoy without refrigeration.

Since we do normally have our refrigerator filled with fresh meats, vegetables, and fruits, we don’t keep a pantry stocked with shelf-stable goods. Today, though, I headed to the grocery store to buy supplies to get us through the week of the Freshpet Fridge Challenge.

We live out in the country so there’s NO running around the corner to the grocery store and no pizza delivery either! As with most weeks, we’ve got a busy week ahead so I shopped for the whole week as I typically do.

Typically we start our day with a big breakfast of bacon and eggs along with some fruit. Well, not this week. I bought some breakfast bars. I’ve had them before and like them although I’m not sure about having them every day.

Since both John and I work at home, we typically grab some cheese, nuts, and lunchmeat or leftovers for lunch. The nuts will still work this week…but that’s it! I decided we’re going to have to set aside our usual low-carb meals for the week so I broke down and bought a loaf of whole wheat bread. Lunchmeat was definitely out so I bought a big jar of peanut butter.

Dinner shopping was more of a challenge.

I turned to canned meats: canned chicken, salmon, and a strange little canned ham. I bought a bag of rice, some powdered cheese,  some vegetables (sweet potatoes and corn on the cob…but no butter!) and fruits, but no salad that would need refrigeration. I broke down and bought some boxed mac and cheese. I really wanted some blueberries but they won’t make it on the countertop so I skipped them in favor of bananas.

Follow along with us this week as we take the Freshpet #FridgeChallenge and try to make it seven days with no refrigeration!

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Disclosure: We are being compensated for our participation in the Freshpet Challenge. As always, we only promote products that we use with our own pets and know you will enjoy!


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