Day One: We’re Taking the #FridgeChallenge

As many of our regular readers know, besides being pet writers, for 20 years John and I have been travel writers. For our guidebook and magazine assignments, we’ve been lucky enough to travel to some pretty great places–from Borneo to Brazil, Jordan to Jamaica. Some remote areas meant restricted utilities, not in our hotels or many of the attractions that we visited and wrote about, but definitely for local residents. We’ve seen women chopping firewood high up in trees near the Pakistan border and children carrying water atop their heads in the tropics.

We know that we are lucky…really lucky. Our home may be fairly simple and, in its own way, remote, but we take for granted so many conveniences that not everyone in the world enjoys…like refrigeration.

Freshpet-Logo1-300x231Recently Freshpet, the company that makes fresh, refrigerated pet food, contacted us about joining in with several other bloggers and veterinarian Dr. Katy Nelson in the Freshpet #FridgeChallenge. We’ll all spend a week without using our  refrigerator (except for our pets’ needs) and see how it impacts our lives, much as living without refrigerated food impacts the lives of our pets.

Stay tuned this week as we live without a refrigerator. Every day we’ll bring you an update and discuss one aspect of life without the fridge!

For more information about Freshpet:

Disclosure: We are being compensated for our participation in the Freshpet Challenge. As always, we only promote products that we use with our own pets and know you will enjoy!


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