Animal Planet Unleashes ‘Cat vs. Dog’

It is estimated that 32 percent of households with pets in the United States consist of family members who are felines and Fidos. While fur can fly occasionally in any home with multiple companion animals, when siblings from these two species have a spat they can demonstrate the true meaning of the phrase “fighting like cats and dogs!”

Coming to the rescue of pet parents whose nerves have been frazzled by the fractious antics of their cantankerous cat and canine companions, Animal Planet is about to unleash the new series Cat vs. Dog.

Already bringing cat mojo to the masses on the popular series My Cat from Hell, the Cat Daddy himself Jackson Galaxy will be joined by dog expert and trainer Zoe Sandor to help resolve the rancor between four-legged relatives thanks to a plan that includes daily routines and procedures that will be carried out over the course of several months.

This season viewers will see the following stories that might start out with stress, but end with success:

  • A couple who are unable to take their relationship to the next level due to the disgust their dog and cat feel for each other.
  • Best friends who might have to make different living arrangements if their barking buddy and purring pal can’t make peace.
  • A family of four who each feel that someone else is at fault for their dog and cat’s curmudgeonly comportment.
  • A pet parent who has stopped her three dogs from harassing her cats by creating a rooftop cat sanctuary so her meowing menagerie can enjoy a little “me” time (while their favorite human can unwind with a book in the area’s library.)

A must see for any ‘bipetual’ family, Cat vs. Dog premieres November 11th at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Animal Planet.

Photo Credit: Animal Planet/ Facebook

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  1. We’ve always had cats and dogs with few problems. Yes, our first JRT would get aggressive, but it was mostly play. I think it is all in bringing them up together when they are young. Even when we brought our 2 year old shelter cat home, after a day or two he was sleeping with our dog.

    • Aww…we’ve been really lucky, too. We try to adopt personalities that will mesh with our cats and dogs…and so far, so good! Our new kitten Jetty is very high energy so she frightens our dog Irie sometimes but they still like to share the couch for a nap!

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