How Clint Eastwood’s Daughter is Uniting Rescues and Pet Fosters

A member of one of Hollywood’s most famous families, actress/fashion designer Alison Eastwood (daughter of movie legend Clint Eastwood and half-sister of actor/model Scott Eastwood) helps dogs and cats find forever families to love thanks to her real life role as the founder of both the Eastwood Ranch Foundation (a non-profit which provides aid to animal welfare groups and no-kill shelters across the country) and the venture she unleashed earlier this year,

Connecting rescue organizations and animal shelters and people with a passion for compassion, is an online network which includes a publicly searchable database of companion animals from coast to coast who find themselves in need of temporary homes, and profiles of both pet fosters and transport drivers.

By entering their local zip code, staff at a rescue organization or animal shelter can find volunteer and paid pet fosters within a 25 mile radius of their facility. Each pet foster’s profile features information regarding that person’s pet preference, availability, accommodations, and reviews of any previous fostering experiences.

Are you pondering the prospect of becoming a foster pet parent? The FosterFurKids website has an online form that you can fill out which will let shelters/rescues in your area know of any preferences or requirements you might have for the pet you might foster. For example: Are you able to foster long-term if a pet is unable to quickly find a forever home, and would you be able to tend to the needs of a kitten or puppy who is too young to care for themselves, a senior animal, an animal who is healing after surgery, or a cat or dog who is struggling with a physical or emotional challenge?

Why Foster?

By offering a pal with paws a place to stay as they wait for the day when they meet their permanent pet parent, you:

  • can discover vital information for potential adopters, such as the animal’s true personality away from the stress of the shelter, and any of the pet’s special needs.
  • can sharpen a cat or dog’s socialization skills, which will help to make the animal more adoptable.
  • are potentially saving the lives or both the animal in your care, and another homeless animal by creating an empty kennel space a the shelter.

Photo Credit:  Foster Fur Kids

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