Meet adoptable Oliver Twist! Your purchases sponsored his kennel!

Earlier this week, we told you that Gengar, the occupant of the PawZaar kennel at the Animal Defense League of Texas, has been adopted! (He quickly followed the very first kennel occupant: Darius, who was adopted before the “ink” was dry on our blog post!)

Well, now the PawZaar kennel has a new occupant: meet super cute Oliver Twist! Just two years old,  this handsome fellow is described as very shy so he’ll need an understanding pet parent to welcome him into a home with patience and love.

At the shelter, he loves hanging out on the high perch so I’d bet he’d love a perch in his new home where he can become acclimated to his new life.

If you know someone in the San Antonio area who could welcome Oliver Twist into their home, please share his information and the link to the Animal Defense League of Texas!

Thank you for your purchases which have sponsored Oliver Twist for the next six months. Ten percent of the proceeds from every PawZaar purchase help pets like Oliver Twist. And don’t forget that you can always use coupon code SUBSCRIBER to save 15% on your PawZaar purchases.

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