Winner’s Gallery: $50 Amazon Gift Card

My Cat’s Name: Fluffy

Giveaway prize my cat won: $50 Amazon Gift Card

What my cat thought of the prize: With her gift card, we bought a pet stroller for Fluffy! She absolutely LOVES it! She gets to go to the pond and watch the ducks and can now come along when the dogs go on their walk. I think she is wondering why we didn’t get her a stroller sooner! (Funny story: When Fluffy and I were at the pond once, a nice man whose house is next to the pond came out and gave me some bread to feed to the ducks. I said, “Thank you, that is very kind!” And as he was walking away he replied, “Oh, no problem, kids just love to watch them, you know!” LOL, he didn’t realize there was a kitty in the stroller! But, I was still touched by his act of kindness!)

-contributed by Lanae in Minnesota

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  1. Our kitties are jealous! I’m sure my little sisters would love to have this to take them outside in. They want to be able to take them out so bad, but ever since our cat Bobby didn’t return home a couple of years ago we’ve had a strict “no outdoors” rule.

  2. Michelle Spayde says:

    LOL! I’ll bet that your kitty enjoyed the show!!

  3. Cynthia, yes it is a very safe way to let your kitty enjoy the outdoors. I have always wanted to bring Fluffy to a park or something but she would never tolerate a harness and leash, so this stroller is the perfect solution!

    Michelle, she did! When I was feeding the ducks they practically came right next to her in the stroller. She looked very alarmed (but very interested) at first when they came so close, lol!

    I would definitely recommend a pet stroller for everyone’s kitties! All the fun Fluffy has is worth the “weird cat lady” looks I get once in a while. šŸ˜›

  4. Amy Orvin says:

    I love that stroller. I bet my doggies would love something like that!!

  5. I have that same stroller for my small dogs : ) It’s great to use when we go to packed pet events and I know my dogs are safe in their stroller and won’t get stepped on. I don’t know why I never thought of trying it with the cat. Great idea!

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