Review: KatKabin


Product: KatKabin®

What it is: All-weather cat shelter

Manufacturer: Brinsea Products Inc., Titusville, FL (Brinsea Products Ltd.,UK)

Cattipper Review: Full disclosure: all four of our cats are strictly indoor cats due to the high concentration of coyotes in our area. We’ve always felt a bit guilty about confining them to the house, especially since three of the four were originally strays or feral (the fourth we adopted after someone brought an unwanted litter to the shelter). They have all adapted well to being indoor kitties, though, and since the opening of our catio we’ve felt a lot better about keeping them inside.

However, we realize that many cats are outdoor or indoor/outdoor pets, so a shelter like the KatKabin makes a lot of sense. Cat lovers know that cats love denning up in a small enclosed space to sleep and nap. The KatKabin uses that principal to design a rugged, weatherproof shelter to keep felines warm and dry.

We’ve been evaluating the Standard KatKabin for a couple of weeks now, and our cats have loved using it even indoors. The ‘Kabin is an oval-shaped tube made of sturdy composite material with heavy plastic end pieces which keep the ‘Kabin elevated an inch or so above the ground or floor and have pre-drilled slots so the KatKabin can be anchored.

The tops of the end pieces are finished off with whimsical “cat’s ears” and the rear end piece is perforated with 3 small ventilation openings (or, on the Double Door model, a back door). A removable, washable KatKushion covers the bottom, making a comfortable nesting surface and providing some insulation value. The KatKabin measures approximately 21″ long by 16″ wide by 12″ high. It easily accommodates a single large feline or even a couple of them if they are feeling cozy. A removable translucent front door flap helps keep out chilly breezes and provides privacy which some cats require.

The KatKabin comes in several models. In addition to the Standard, there is the Double Door model mentioned above, with an “escape hatch” in the rear panel and the new SkratchKabin model, designed for indoor use and covered with a scratchable surface. The Standard and Double Door models come in a choice of six bright colors while the SkratchKabin comes in three subdued colors to blend into a home’s interior decor.

An optional Winter Warmer fleece insert can be added to an outdoor ‘Kabin during cooler weather or for really cold weather, the company offers the low-voltage “EcoGlow Pet Warming Pad” to keep Fluffy toasty-warm.

Our cats love the KatKabin and it is usually occupied by at least one of them. For an outdoor cat, it is a great feline equivalent to a dog house. The KatKabin is thoughtfully designed and well-made. Although pricey ($99 for the Standard and Skratch models; $129 for the Double Door) it should last a very long time and provide a safe, warm sanctuary for cats, especially when they are outside in inclement weather.

Paws up for the KatKabin!

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Disclosure: We received a KatKabin to review but we were not paid to do this review; all opinions are our own.

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  1. Cute! I like it.

  2. I’ve looked at these, and yes they are whimsical! Wish they were a little less expensive as so far the storage box I made up from a DIY online site, and the little ‘doghouse’ I just bought (with a heating pad)still hasn’t tempted our feral TomTom to get snuggy…I may have to move it around the yard to see if there’s a spot he would prefer…


  1. […] catio…so I hope they’ll continue to pop out to the catio now and then. I just place the KatKabin that I had in my office in the catio and added a fleece blanket. Now we’ll see if any of the […]

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