Review: Vittles Vault Jr. by Gamma2

We’ve been talking a lot about Gamma2’s pet food storage solutions; we’ll be featuring them in the #Gamma2Fresh Twitter party on Sunday night.

Before the party, we wanted to make you more familiar with Gamma2’s products. The Vittles Vault containers, which come in a variety of sizes, are made of food-grade, FDA approved high-density polyethylene which is BPA-free.

The containers are especially great for summer use; they’re air-tight and pest-proof (remember that scorpion I found in our kitchen last week?!).

Vittles Vaults are available in a range of sizes to accommodate any food storage situation from the large 20-gallon size which will hold about 80 pounds of food to the Vittles Vault Jr. (holding 1.3 gallons; 5 pounds of food) which is designed for travel or for counter-top or refrigerator storage. The containers are in a neutral, grayish color and have rounded edges which are specially designed to confound chewing pests like mice and rats.

Products are made in Gamma2’s facilities in California and Tennessee. If you’d like to dress up your Gamma2 product, you’ll also find Vittles Vault covers in black and pink.

The Vittles Vault Jr. we received comes with a double lid; an inner screw lid and an outer pop-off top which can serve as a measuring cup or as a travel dish. The squarish container measures 10-1/2 inches tall by 5-1/2 inches wide and has a molded handle built into one corner. The rugged container has only the faintest plastic smell (the company says that this will fade with time and it recommends washing and drying the container before the first use and between fillings).

We think the Vittles Vault Jr. is a well-built, safe product which will be the perfect storage solution for our pet foods. A big paws up for Gamma2’s Vittles Vault Jr.!

Price: The Vittles Vault Jr. retails for about $10 – $15 from various online vendors.

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Disclosure: We received a Vittles Vault Jr. to review; we were not paid to conduct this review and all opinions are entirely our own.

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