Avoiding Toxins

Is Your Cat Safe From These Toxins? We love top 10 lists…but here’s one we DON’T like to see: the 10 items that caused the most emergency visits last year as reported by Pet Poison Helpline. While some, like Easter lilies, are ones we can go out of our way to avoid, others, like our own prescription medications, are must-have items in […]

How to Have a Cat-Safe Christmas Tree This Year Today we have a special guest post about a topic of importance in many cat households right now: Christmas tree safety! Cats are curious critters, and climbers, and scratchers, and chewers…. It can seem like Christmas trees are just asking to be destroyed – ornaments batted around, cords tangled and chewed, and the star on […]

Keeping Cats Safe During the Holidays Today our friends over at have a great infographic about pet holiday safety that we wanted to share with you! We’re about to start putting up our holiday decorations…and we always take special precautions to keep our cats safe around the tree and trimmings. And please don’t forget to enter our giveaway to win […]
5 Reasons to Keep Your Cat Indoors By Darcy Lockman for The Daily Cat When cat owner Bethany Hart, 35, of Farmington, Mich., moved to a new home last year, she decided to let her curious tabby cat Cleo explore the landscape. “I thought he would circle the house and come […]

Cat-Proofing Your Computer As cat lovers, we all know that cats are attracted to computers…a LOT. Until I got my flat screen, this was Coco’s favorite perch: That was all well and good until that computer died in what I sadly call the crash of 2011. Just a couple of weeks before the holidays, the computer (a Mac) […]

Recognizing the Dangers of Easter Lilies With Easter right around the corner, cat lovers should be aware that Easter lilies (also known by the scientific name Lilium longiflorum) are poisonous to cats. Every segment of the flower–and several other varieties of lilies–can be fatal to felines. Once ingested, vomiting and lethargy can quickly lead to kidney failure, followed by death within […]

Avoiding Pet Poisons With Easter right around the corner and the 50th anniversary of Poison Prevention Week (March 18-24) coming even sooner, it’s a good time to remember that many substances that aren’t necessarily toxic to us are toxic to our pets. Today we have some great tips from the American Veterinary Medical Association(AVMA) reminding pet owners that […]

Keeping Your Cat Away from Dogs with Flea Treatments Warm weather means a return of the flea population and a time to ramp up your anti-flea efforts. If you have both cats and dogs in your household, like us, be extra careful not to allow your cats around your dogs right after they receive spot-on flea treatments. Most canine spot-on flea treatments contain pyrethroids, […]

Outdoor Safety

Protecting Birds with Birdsbesafe Cat Collars Today we have a special guest post about Birdsbesafe® Cat Collars by Nancy Brennan, originator of Birdsbesafe cat collars and owner of Birdsbesafe LLC. Let’s start with the chickadee. I had a cat, Jasper, who brought me a captured chickadee on a warm spring-like day. I was so sad about it. The little chickadee had […]

Locating Lost Cats This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of LostDogHQ for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. We know, as cat lovers, that the fear of your cat getting lost is a constant worry. If you have an indoor-outdoor cat, you worry that your cat won’t come back home after he makes his […]

General Safety

Keeping Your Cat Safe from Heartworms As the weather starts to cool down, the mosquito population generally diminishes…but the American Heartworm Society (AHS) is reminding pet families that heartworm disease is still a threat. “Heartworm is endemic in many parts of the United States, due to conditions that favor the proliferation of mosquitoes that carry the disease and the high reservoirs […]

Ask Dr. Audrey: How Cool Should I Keep My Home for Cats? Dear Dr. Audrey, I live in humid but hot Northern Oklahoma. At what temperature should I leave my programmable thermostat while I am at work? I have 5 cats & 1 Lab. Ideally, your thermostat should be set at your pets’ thermoneutral zone. This is the range of temperatures where your pets aren’t expending any […]

Keeping Your Cat’s Rabies Vaccine Current We live in the country and, every summer, we hear rabies reports. Fox, skunk, raccoon, coyote, and bat cases seem to be the most common but, just yesterday, we heard a scary story from our neighbor, a local veterinarian. A dog that later tested positive for rabies was treated in her veterinary clinic, a reminder […]

Disaster Preparation

Preparing for Evacuating With Your Cat With hurricane season reaching its peak and much of the US East Coast preparing for Hurricane Irene, we wanted to take a moment to look at hurricane preparations for your cat. Just like you make preparations for the rest of your family, you’ll need to make sure you’ve prepared everything your cat will need in […]

Keeping Your Cat Safe In a Tornado With the terrible scenes from this spring’s tornadoes on everyone’s minds, we were happy to see some tips from  American Humane Association about helping safeguard your pets before, during, and after a tornado. Before a tornado: Identify a tornado-safe area large enough for your entire family and pets (often a basement or the most interior […]

Recording Your Cat’s Information in Case of a Disaster When you hear about a natural disaster, you inevitably hear about the lost pets. Often these were the pets that were home when their families were out when a tornado, a fire, or a flash flood struck. Last Labor Day, the worst wildfires in Texas history struck not that far from us; along with the […]

Injured Cats

What To Do If Your Cat Is Injured Knowing how to deal with cat injuries is an important part of life with your cat. As we wrote about in our prior tip, years ago our cat Shady fell from our second floor office window down to the lower floor of our home, injuring her back in the fall. It was a frightening incident, […]

Safely Moving an Injured Cat When your cat is injured, you need to get him to the veterinarian not just quickly but also safely. Years ago, our cat Shady fell from the second floor windowsill of our home down to the lower floor (it’s an open gallery that we no longer allow our cats to access.) She injured her back […]

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