Birthday Club

We love hearing about cat birthdays and gotcha days! Whether you celebrate the day your cat was born or the day he or she was adopted, be sure to share a photo of your cat in our Birthday Club! Every month, we create a birthday video of the cats and dogs from CatTipper and DogTipper who celebrated a birthday or gotcha day that month…and one wins a special birthday toy, too! We also run some birthday/gotcha day photos in our Featured Cat section here and on Facebook!

Please complete the form below, attach your cat’s photo (horizontal is best!) and tell us a little about your special birthday cat. The photo can’t be larger than 2 MG; if you have problems uploading the photo, please email it to editors@cattipper.com along with your information.

A few tips:

  • Please don’t type in all CAPS
  • Please don’t send tiny photos; they can’t be enlarged.
  • Horizontal photos work best but we can use vertical shots.
  • Submit only photos that you took or ones you have rights to (see photo agreement below).
  • Please send in a little information on our form to let us know what makes your cat extra special!


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Photo Agreement

I understand that a photo submission does not guarantee that the photo(s) will appear on CatTipper.com.

I certify that I am the photographer or sole owner of the photo I am submitting to CatTipper.com. CatTipper.com and its licensees may reproduce, distribute, publish, display, edit, modify, create derivative works and otherwise use the material for any purpose in any form and on any media. I agree to indemnify CatTipper.com for all damages and expenses that may be incurred in connection with the material.

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