Got Fleas? Check Out Natural Treatments for Your Lawn

I love many things about summer–but fleas are definitely not on the list. Although our cats are indoors-only, that doesn’t prevent fleas from finding their way into our home and on our cats if we don’t keep an eye on the situation. As I’ve written about before, part of our property is a preserve for […]

Are You Ready for Spring Parasites?

Yesterday I was out on a walk and returned to sit on the couch with Ochi. After about five minutes, I looked down at my leg and saw an insect walking up my pants…a tick! Even though it’s still winter, our warm weather is already bringing out the ticks, and I know that fleas won’t […]

How to Kill Fleas Naturally with Tiny Timmy’s Dirty Flea Soap

Flea season is fast approaching. Our drought here has kept flea numbers lower than usual but, nonetheless, we know the pesky bugs are on the way. We love natural products for use with our pets, and we know that many of you feel the same way, especially when it comes to flea prevention. We just […]

Banfield Names Worst States for Cat Fleas

OK, it’s a dubious honor, but our home state has made the top 10 list of the worst states for fleas on cats, a list issued by Banfield Pet Hospital. How are the fleas in your home state this summer? Oregon Washington Florida California Alabama South Carolina Ohio Georgia & New York New Jersey Texas

Controlling Fleas by Vacuuming Your Upholstery

Flea season is starting here so we’re doubling our efforts to control fleas using natural methods as much as possible in our household. Not only do we vacuum our floors more than usual but we also vacuum the soft surfaces throughout our home. Since our cats (and dogs) spend a lot of time on the […]

Saving Money on Flea Preventative

In many places, summer is just about synonymous with fleas. (Fortunately, due to our drought, we have had an extremely low flea count this summer.) We know that many people would like to learn how to save money on flea preventatives and recently we interviewed Dr. Karen “Doc” Halligan about a new, less expensive flea […]

Controlling Fleas In Your Home

Fleas are an all-too-common fact of life in cat households when the weather warms. One of the first steps to keeping the fleas off your cat is to rid your home of fleas–in carpeting, upholstery, and other places the small fleas hide. While there are chemical treatments, it is healthiest for both you and your […]

Keeping Your Cat Away from Dogs with Flea Treatments

Warm weather means a return of the flea population and a time to ramp up your anti-flea efforts. If you have both cats and dogs in your household, like us, be extra careful not to allow your cats around your dogs right after they receive spot-on flea treatments. Most canine spot-on flea treatments contain pyrethroids, […]

Mandy Moore Draws Attention to Flea, Tick Preventative

A generic version of Frontline® has been launched. PetArmor, which will be available for all sizes of cats (and dogs), contains fipronil, the same  vet-recommended active ingredient for combating fleas and ticks, in the same concentration,  as Frontline. It is the first generic fipronil product approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to treat both […]

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