Using SureFlap to Control Feeding

You’ll remember a while back we posted about SureFlap and even ran a giveaway of this product that uses your cat’s microchip to unlock the cat door for him. Well, we just heard about another use for the SureFlap that’s of special interest to multi-cat families: using the SureFlap Microchip Cat Door to segregate feeding areas!

For families with cat that need to lose a little weight (like our Coco) and svelte cats (like our Inca), you can restrict access to the food by programming your SureFlap to recognize the microchip and restrict access to the food on the other side of the cat flap. You’ll be able to prevent the cat that needs to lose weight from eating the smaller cat’s food, feeding the weight control food on one side of the cat flap and the rest of your smaller cat’s meal on the other side of the cat flap.

We think this could also be a great way to control access to prescription diets for your cats in a multi-cat household!

Also, if you’ve got a dog-cat household, this can be a good way to control access to the litter box. In our house, we have a cat flap to the litter box area; our dogs are too large to get through the cat flap. What if we had a chihuahua, too? By programming the SureFlap with the cats’ microchip numbers, we could allow the cats access to the litter boxes while keeping out a small dog!

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