Helping Your Cat Lose Weight

Summer is just around the corner so we know what that means for all of us: swimsuit season! As we all look at the scale (and let’s don’t even talk about the mirror!) and wonder why we overindulged so much this winter, we also need to take a look at our cat’s figure. Is your cat sporting some extra weight? Not only will those extra pounds be uncomfortable in the heat of the summer, those pounds can also spell health problems such as osteoarthritis, high blood pressure and heart, respiratory and kidney disease.

What You Can Do

How do you trim a pet’s diet and waistline without succumbing to stern kitty stares? Give your kitty a cardio workout, encouraging your cat’s activity level with added playtime with wands and laser toys.

Treat Time

All work and no play is no fun for anyone–but, in most cases, the average treat is a high-calorie snack. Low-calorie treats like Lickety Stik® by PetSafe®, made with 100 percent all‐natural ingredients, have only 1 calorie in 20 feline licks. Meaning you can treat your pet more frequently without filling them up or spoiling their diet.

Lickety Stik® has prepared this handy infographic on the topic of pet obesity along with some easy-to-implement tips:

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