Cooking for Your Cat: What You Should and Shouldn’t Feed Your Cat

We feed our cats a commercial diet as well as commercial treats…but we also occasionally love to cook treats or give them a taste of food we’re preparing for us. From a bit of chicken to a little scrambled eggs, our cats enjoy having a bit of variety in their diets, too!

PetCareRx produced this quick and easy graphic of foods that are OK…and NOT OK…to feed your cats!

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  1. I love cats, they are so great at communicating with you.
    I have one, she is adorable, her name is Macy

  2. Mary Ellen says:

    We have 6 cats that were all adopted and
    Belong to my husband, me and our son!
    They are so special to us and we vacuum
    A lot! Cannot imagine not having them in our lives. Place in Heaven for those who
    Take care of cats and kitties.

  3. Why no milk?

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