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As our readers over on DogTipper know, we’re Official Apartment Guide Pet Bloggers…so we’re always, always on the lookout for ways to make the most of your space for you AND your pets. A new product coming out late this summer really caught our eye; the Kitty Cradle is a cat hammock that uses the space beneath one of your chairs to provide a comfy place just for your cat. Multi-tasking cat furniture!

The Kitty Cradle fits beneath a chair with the use of four straps:

The strap wraps around the leg of the chair, through a buckle, then a looped fastener keeps everything neat and tidy. Fatter chair legs are easier than skinny chair legs; on our first try (which you’ll see in the video above), we used our dining room chairs which have very thin legs. There’s a thick seam across the strap that makes it a little tough to pull the strap tight enough for thin chairs (although it can be done) so check your place for chair with heavier legs like the photo above, or this example, also from the Kitty Cradle site:

We’ve checked with Kitty Cradle about this seam and they’re going to be redesigning to prevent that seam.

Look for chairs with 18 to 27 inches width and depth.

The Kitty Cradle is machine washable; the soft black top is appealing to cats. To encourage your cat to try out the Kitty Cradle for the first time, you can sprinkle it with a bit of catnip (or a shot of catnip spray) or drop a treat or two on the hammock and then just let your cat explore! We love that this provides your cat a place all his own even in tight quarters!

The Kitty Cradle will sell for $29 when it’s available in late summer. They’ll be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis from the mailing list on the KittyCradle.com site.

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Disclosure: We received a Kitty Cradle for review; we were not paid to review this product and all opinions are entirely our own (and those of Linus, Felix, Coco and Inca!)

Photos courtesy Kitty Cradle

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